Crisis Communications With Composure and Confidence

Let’s talk about taking control of the narrative with effective crisis communications. To transform your crisis response in the face of a crisis, clear and timely communication is essential. But managing a crisis while juggling media inquiries, employee concerns and customer outreach can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t truly trust your communication mediums. If the thought of your next crisis communication event leaves you feeling stressed, we want to help. Contact our team today and learn how GlobalMeet can help with crisis communications using their virtual event solution that will empower you to navigate your scariest situations with confidence.

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Your Trusted Partner in Crisis Communication

Whether you need to deliver a live press conference, address your employees company-wide or connect with customers impacted by an event, GlobalMeet is designed to deliver.

Our platform empowers you to design and execute mission critical crisis communication events with best in class reliability and the comfort of a professional managed services team that will get you to where you need to be quickly. You don’t want employees, partners, investors and customers missing crucial information. In the immediacy of a crisis such as a cyber-attack, economic downturn, bankruptcy, health crisis or disaster recovery its paramount you maintain control over your message, ensuring your audience receives the information they need during these vital moments. Not all immediate needs to effectively communicate come in the form of a crisis. A merger or acquisition for example brings a need for prompt and informative communications that are always mission critical.

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How to Ensure Effective Crisis Communications

 Crises can strike at any time. By implementing these four effective communication strategies, you can ensure your message is delivered clearly and consistently during a critical situation.

  • Develop a Comprehensive Playbook: Outline your response team, FAQs, contact information and legal guidelines in a regularly updated playbook.
  • Appoint a Single Media Contact: Designate a single spokesperson (CEO, COO, PR) to deliver clear and consistent messages during a crisis.
  • Practice and Maintain Composure: Rehearse crisis responses with all stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and boost confidence.
  • Emphasize Clear Communication: Utilize webcasts with a prepared message and a single, authoritative voice to efficiently communicate with all audiences.
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Handle It However You Need

We understand that during a crisis, there’s no room for technical glitches. Host an emergency town hall, broadcast a responsive recovery event or provide your investors with some reassurance. Our professionally managed services provide you with a team of dedicated specialists to help you expedite a polished presentation or an impactful virtual or hybrid event at a moment’s notice. Let the experts help you handle your next crisis.

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Crisis Communications Benefits

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Advanced preparation

Helps the team agree on an impactful course of action in advance to ensure quick and confident communication in the event of a crisis

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Reputation protection

Prevents, mitigates and avoids harm or irreparable damage to your business reputation in emergency situations

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Brand assurance

Allows teams to communicate with the public, assuring a sense of security among employees, investors and customers

Communicate With Clarity

During a crisis, clear and secure communication is paramount. GlobalMeet offers enterprise-grade security features to give you peace of mind. With gated access, password protection and login authentication, only authorized participants can join your event. Experience the next level of crisis communication with GlobalMeet.

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Gain Valuable Insights and Maintain Transparency

Following your crisis communication event, you’ll want to understand and analyze its execution. How well did you handle it? GlobalMeet provides robust reporting and analytics to measure audience engagement and gauge the efficacy of your message. Attendees who miss the live event can access a recording through a cloud-based link, eliminating the need for large file attachments and minimizing the risk of miscommunication.

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Connect with GlobalMeet

Don’t let a crisis overshadow your ability to communicate. We’re here to help you navigate challenging situations with confidence. Transform your crisis communication need into an informative experience that puts rumor mills to rest with GlobalMeet.


Together, we can ensure clear and timely communication during your time of need.