GlobalMeet’s LIVE Onboarding, Training, Technical Support and Managed Event Production to Ensure Webcasting Success

GlobalMeet is here to help! One of the primary reasons to work with us is our concierge-level service and support when you become a client. Our mission is to provide personalized, end-to-end guidance to ensure you achieve your organization’s desired business outcomes.

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Graphic depicting GlobalMeet's onboarding process for new clients

Your Webcasting Sidekicks

You’ll never hear us say, “It’s on the website,” “Fill out a form,” or “Visit our YouTube page” to answer any questions you might have. We’re passionate about treating people like PEOPLE, not just numbers. “Chatbot” simply isn’t part of our vocabulary.

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Onboarding You into a Webcasting Guru

We’re very eager to begin working with you, so your GlobalMeet onboarding experience starts before you’ve even signed the agreement to become a valued client. Our team will proactively schedule an introductory call to illustrate the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHY outcomes of using our virtual event platform to ensure we’re aligned on HOW we can help accomplish your goals. From there, we provision your license and set up a follow-up call to discuss achieving your agenda and customizing your events to showcase your brand.

Once you’ve reviewed our on-demand video knowledge transfer sessions, you’ll receive LIVE training for any unique needs or requests from our team. After that, within your first 90 days, we offer a complimentary premium request: a 90-minute session at a time of your convenience!

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GlobalMeet's Professionally Managed Event Production

GlobalMeet’s professionally managed event production opens the gate to collaboration with a team of seasoned experts. Our virtual event management team is here to ensure you won’t lose any sleep – meticulously crafting every angle of your video webcast journey – from amplifying your event branding to perfecting presenter rehearsals. Are you concerned about tech jitters for your presenters? We’ll host an in-depth training session to ensure they’re confident and prepared. In addition, as your event date approaches, our dedicated on-call support is always by your side, providing a safety net for any unforeseen issues.

Fast-forward to the big day. Our busy bees seamlessly run the show so you can focus on what truly matters: broadcasting your important messages and delivering top-notch content to the audience. With GlobalMeet’s professionally managed event production, you’re not just planning a video webcast; you’re curating an unmatched webcasting experience.

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GlobalMeet's LIVE Help

Let GlobalMeet showcase what top-notch service, training and support look like.

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