Expand Your Reach Through
Virtual & Hybrid Events

When you have something to say, say it loud and say it proud.

Today, events aren’t limited to simply gathering together in one location (or any location for that matter). Host, broadcast and record what matters to your business using GlobalMeet® Webcast. Our powerful suite of virtual events software empowers engagement with your brand, when and where it suits. Whether participants are at their desk or at the kitchen table, you’re sure to be able to deliver communications that pack a punch.

Virtual Events. Hybrid Events.

GlobalMeet Webcast empowers you and your business with tools to design branded, virtual events and hybrid events to reach participants all over the world. Whether reaching 50 people or 100,000+, we can help you and your team confidently create online events to promote your company and encourage meaningful engagement through polls and surveys, sharing of real-time content, audience chat and Q&A’s (sounds fun, right?). Through our reliable and customizable platform, any virtual or hybrid event can be tailored to your liking to best serve your audience.

Discover how to create a virtual event or hybrid event your competitors will be jealous of with GlobalMeet Webcast.

  Features Audio Only Event Video Event Conference
Live Event Studio Phone Phone or VOIP Phone or VOIP
Audience Chat
Audience Interaction Limited
Surveys & Polls
Supports Video Content Slides Only
Supports Hybrid
# of Attendees Up to 15,000 100,000+ 100,000+
Enterprise Grade security
On-Brand Visuals Limited
Analytics Basic Advanced Advanced
Managed Services
Presenter HD Video
Live Event Studio​
Convention Space
Communication Tools*
Price $ $$-$$$ $$$-$$$$
*Individualised Chat, Gamification, Lobbies, Hangout Space, Leaderboards, Sponsor Booths

Live Streaming

We live in a fast paced and on-demand world. Employees and customers are no different and want immediate access to information. (Easier said than done, right?) Have no fear – you can now communicate what’s important to global audiences by live-streaming your virtual event.

Livestream on-demand or simulated-live content to successfully share news worth hearing. GlobalMeet Webcast is designed to scale for online events of all sizes, so you can live stream your message to a few hundred or 100,000+ people. (The stage is all yours, it’s your time to shine!)

Take your next town hall, corporate training, and shareholders meeting to new heights.

For news you simply can’t wait to share– stream it live with GlobalMeet Webcast.

GlobalMeet Webcast is a simple yet comprehensive event platform built and engineered with event people to ensure companies have a partner in delivering memorable experiences that bring employees, investors and customers together. We know where the future is going, giving you the confidence to meet ever-changing demands of delivering stunning, secure, and scalable virtual and hybrid events.

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