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Is hosting a virtual event something you can do on your own, or should you get some help? If you prefer to let the experts handle it all, GlobalMeet has the tools and expertise to make your virtual event a roaring success. 


Whether you are looking for a fully or partially managed service, GlobalMeet provides the same level of security and stability through one comprehensive and scalable platform that is purpose-built to meet your needs.

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Professionally Managed Events

Sometimes, conceptualizing a virtual event is overwhelming enough, never mind actually executing a flawless experience. This is where GlobalMeet’s Professionally Managed Events comes into play.


Because not a lot of platforms offer this level of hands-on virtual event management, let’s start with defining “professionally managed.” A professionally managed virtual event simply means that in addition to our software, you gain a team of GlobalMeet professionals to configure, customize and actually facilitate the event, along with any rehearsals. It’s like the difference between buying a movie camera and hiring a Hollywood production crew.  

Step into the ultimate virtual event experience with our Professionally Managed Events option. With this package, you’re not just getting virtual event management assistance; you’re unlocking a collaboration with seasoned experts. Our team meticulously crafts every aspect of your event journey—from enhancing brand aesthetics to rigorous presenter rehearsals; we’re on top of every detail. Concerned about tech jitters for your presenters? We’ll host a thorough training session, ensuring they’re primed and ready. Plus, as the event draws near, our on-call support ensures you’re never left in limbo.


On the big day, while our team seamlessly runs the entire show, you can focus on what truly matters: the message and the audience. This leaves your team with the freedom to deliver top-notch content and relish the event themselves. With GlobalMeet’s Professionally Managed Events, you’re not just planning an event; you’re curating an unmatched virtual experience.

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Professional Assistance

Enter GlobalMeet Professional Assistance for those that aren’t quite ready to take the self-service plunge. With this option, you get the best of both worlds—the flexibility of Self-Service Events with the safety net of expert support and guidance for events up to 10,000 attendees.

With Professional Assistance, you get everything included in the Self-Service Events package, plus a dedicated Event Production Manager who serves as your trusty sidekick during the live event. The production manager will join you 30 minutes before your event kicks off and stick around to professionally run your event for up to 60 minutes total. Additionally, your personal production manager will handle audio and video checks, review presenter controls and provide guidance on best practices to ensure a smooth event. 

During the event itself, your Production Manager helps facilitate pretty much everything, from layout switching, managing headshots or video pinning to launching polls and Q+As and handling technical attendee questions. It’s the ideal hybrid approach for organizations looking for live event management and support but yet are still comfortable building the event itself. 

GlobalMeet's Centerstage
Managed Feature for Special Guests

With professionally managed events, you can gain access to GlobalMeet’s Centerstage managed feature, where special guests cameo during a live event to ask a question or contribute to an ongoing discussion.


Hastily promoting meeting attendees to panelist positions without proper vetting or readiness? Nope, not a smart move. Our approach is a white glove orchestration of question handling using GlobalMeet’s Centerstage managed feature. Attendees are promoted to main stage but from within a controlled backstage greenroom environment, overseen by an experienced event producer. This unique virtual event management experience keeps everything under control, delivering unmatched question handling, making sure clients are calling the shots for their message and meeting. What are the benefits?


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Meeting control

You remain in control of the meeting

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Risk reduction

We minimize the risk of bad surprises and events gone wrong

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Boosts collaboration

Drives further engagement

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Audience interaction

Gives a more active voice to audience members to have their question asked and answered live

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Special guests' live input

Allows special guests to provide their thoughts during a live webcast to add context to a topic being discussed

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Option for brief appearances

Busy Executive speakers can briefly cameo and move onto their next important task without committing time to the entire event

Use Cases for GlobalMeet's Centerstage Managed Feature:

  • Analysts can ask questions live in an investor relations meeting.   
  • Employees can step up to the virtual mic and ask questions in a company town hall.   
  • Financial Advisors or agents can ask questions about topics such as market insights.  
  • For recruitment events or internal HR events, individuals can ask questions about benefits or other topics.  
  • Marketers can mic drop with confidence providing insights and ask curious questions.
  • Special guests whether investors, customers, partners or employees can cameo during a live event to contribute to an ongoing discussion.

Elevate Your Live Events with Confident Guest Participation

We empower guests – making sure they’re thoroughly prepared, relaxed, and in the moment for the broadcast. Special guests can ask their question on video with confidence ensuring their message is heard and answered during the live event. This enhances audience engagement, adds energy to the presentation, and shines a spotlight on the audience, not just the presenters.  


You simply decide who joins your event on video to ask a question. We reduce the anxiety of an invited audience member ruining the meeting due to audio or video issues, empty chair no-shows or disruptive “zoom bombing” moments. Our experienced production managers facilitate the vetting of guests and conduct pre-checks before putting anyone live into a meeting to ask a question. The secret lies in meticulous preparation and meticulous screening.   

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Frequently Asked Questions About Professionally Managed Events

What is a professionally managed event?

A professionally managed virtual event involves a dedicated team of professionals that take charge of configuring, customizing, facilitating, and overseeing all aspects of an event, including rehearsals, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience for the organizers and presenters. This can also be referred to as virtual event management.

From virtual conferences to new product launches to investor days and more, you can host all kinds of events with GlobalMeet’s professionally managed event services! In addition, if you have a mission-critical event that simply cannot fail, managed services is a must have.

GlobalMeet offers a number of options for businesses and event planners looking to host virtual events, each with its respective degree of support. 

  • Webcast Subscription – Up to 10,000 attendees.
  • Professional Assistance – Self-Service with Live Event ​Managed Assist​ up to 10,000 attendees.
  • Professionally Managed Events – Full-Service Event Management​ up to 100,000+ attendees.

GlobalMeet’s Centerstage Managed Feature allows pre-vetted special guests from the audience to join the video bridge during a live event to ask a question or contribute to an ongoing discussion. We don’t execute this process on the fly. You simply decide who steps up to the stage in advance of the event. If they are not on your list, then we won’t VIP them.

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