Make Demand Gen Less Demanding

You have a solid brand, a great product, and a mastered talk track. Now all you need is an audience, but how do you effectively reach them? If you’re working overtime to track down potential leads and nurture opportunities, we have a better way. (By the way, “our way” makes demand generation much less… demanding, and we know you like the sound of that.)

GlobalMeet® Webcast empowers you with the tools to create branded, virtual events to start conversations and build relationships. We can help you and your team confidently build brand awareness, increase lead generation and speed up the customer acquisition process whether you have an audience of 50 or 100,000+.

Leads Led by Insights

So we both know that you’ve been tasked with increasing leads all while decreasing cost (classic, am I right?). That’s why GlobalMeet Webcast is designed to maximize your investment through tracking engagement, behavior analytics and demographics to generate insights from the minds and hearts of your attendees. This coupled with rich reporting data helps you convert leads faster and keep the sales pipeline full. And don’t worry, most CRMs integrate seamlessly, so your data is right where you need it.

Say Yes to Your Way

Confidently engage potential customers in a way that best suits your needs. GlobalMeet Webcast allows you to choose between managing it yourself or letting us take care of it for you. If you prefer full control, then our self-serve model is best. We take the time to fully train you within GlobalMeet Webcast and then tag you to unleash the power of your sales savvy mind. If you change your mind and want a little support, our best-in-class team will always be there to lend a hand. If self serve isn’t the right fit, our fully managed service includes a seasoned team of experts who handle your entire virtual event for a stress-free, seamless experience.

Demand Generation Features

Instant Access

Allow participants to connect from any device, anywhere, using a single URL.

Seamless CRM

Integrate CRM and marketing automation software for effective tracking.

High Quality Video

Flexible HD video streaming with zero network bandwidth interruption.

Say Hello to No Limits

Demand generation is tough as it is, so we thought we’d make it just a bit easier by removing any limits to the opportunities in front of you. With a GlobalMeet Webcast license, you can create as many virtual events as you like (seriously, we’d love it if you set the record for single events in a day). In our book, no limits on events means no limits on leads, so ready, set–sell.

Make the Right Impression

First impressions matter. That’s why GlobalMeet Webcast enables you to dynamically customize registration pages, graphics and more to showcase your unique brand. The tailored design melds seamlessly with HD audio and video to elevate your virtual event on all sides. This matters to us because you shouldn’t have to compromise your brand to make a connection (so don’t).

Connect with GlobalMeet

Set yourself and your team up for success, no matter the event or audience. Start connecting with potential customers today with GlobalMeet Webcast to unlock new and better ways to nurture your audience and fill that sales pipeline (we’re cheering you on every step of the way).

Together, we can create a virtual event that your audience truly looks forward to.

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