Unlock the Next Level of Virtual Education

There is a dash of magic (and a bucket of patience) in sharing knowledge and fostering new skills in others. Whether you want to talk to employees or students, if you have the knowledge, plan and passion, let us provide a virtual space to reignite the love of lifelong learning in those you teach.

GlobalMeet® Webcast empowers you with the tools to design polished, virtual events for 50 to 100,000+ participants (there is always room for anyone who wants to learn). With less distractions and more control, you can rest assured that your lesson or message is made crystal clear to those actively listening on the other side.

Take Control of the Class

Class is in session (whether it’s continued education for employees or molding the minds of students). GlobalMeet Webcast enables you to choose between managing the event yourself or letting us take care of it for you. If confidently conducting continued education is your calling, self serve is there for you. Our team will fully train you within the platform and then you can share your knowledge at will. If you change your mind and want a little support, our best-in-class team will always be behind you to lend a hand. If self serve isn’t the right fit, our fully-managed service includes a seasoned team of experts who handle your entire virtual session for a stress-free, seamless experience.

All Eyes & Ears on You

As you well know, any class or educational event comes paired with clarification and feedback (and often the same question more than once), so make sure your educational session is interactive. GlobalMeet Webcast offers engaging features like polling, Q&As and audience chat to keep confusion away (and you sane as well). If an employee or student misses a session, no worries! Our enhanced portal serves as a one-stop shop for accessing any event, so it’s easy for anyone to catch up.

Continuing Education Features

Instant Access

Allow participants to connect from any device, anywhere, using a single URL.

Reward Performance

Award duration-based certifications for course completion.

Unlimited Use

Conduct as many events as you need with a GlobalMeet Webcast license.

Measure Success

Sometimes education can feel a little one-sided, especially in a virtual setting, so we wanted to help you track and measure success. With GlobalMeet Webcast, you can launch online testing and certifications immediately after a training session (and see who really was paying attention). GlobalMeet Webcast also comes with robust reporting on engagement, behavior analytics and demographics to generate even more insights on how your pupils are keeping up. It’s like the master… becomes the student.


When you’re focused on any particular topic or lesson, the last thing you need is an interruption (or an uninvited guest). That’s why GlobalMeet Webcast is designed with enterprise-level security. Maintain peace of mind with measures like password protection, login authentication and limited audience access that keep your virtual session on course.

Connect with GlobalMeet

We know you want to make every lesson count, and GlobalMeet Webcast is here to help you do just that. Start offering professional, reliable, and fun (well, that part is really on your end of the deal) educational sessions with GlobalMeet Webcast today to unlock more educational eureka moments.

Together, we can create a virtual event that employees or students truly look forward to.

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