GlobalMeet for Professional Services

Go beyond traditional online communication. Build an immersive experience that helps you win more clients, create significant new business, and cultivate important relationships with live and on-demand, conferences, and educational experiences that solidify you as the expert in your field.

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Trusted and Used by Top Consulting Firms

  • From small teams to corporate giants, GlobalMeet is highly trusted by Fortune 500 companies around the world.
  • Uniquely trusted by the world’s largest accounting/consulting firms, responsible for auditing over 90% of all Fortune 500 companies.

Why GlobalMeet for Professional Services:

  • Highly customizable brand experience from start to finish
  • Industry-leading security tools
  • Built for stringent compliance regulations
  • Scalable, flexible cloud-based reliability
  • High-quality audio and video
  • High-level and granular reporting and analytics
  • Expert help and support

Deeply Engage with All Stakeholders

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Superior audio and video

Whether you’re delivering a financial market prediction through your accounting team or an expert led industry session with your consulting firm, communicate clearly, transparently, and reliably with crystal-clear audio and video.

Expanding into a new territory that is six hours ahead? Launching a new service for a market that speaks an entirely different language? GlobalMeet truly means “global,” with capabilities for different time zones and different languages. Reach clients, partners, and prospects wherever they are with interactive audience engagement tools, live event translations, and more.

If you’re a Big 4 consulting firm or an up-and-coming business, you deserve to stand out and shine. Create a custom, branded experience for your business so attendees interact with you from start to finish.

By sharing timely educational content, you’re establishing yourself as the go-to authority. By communicating consistently with clients during sticky situations, you’re building partnerships for years to come. Let our innovative webcasting technology serve you while you’re serving clients and their employees, partners and investors alike.

Need to broadcast a last-minute mission critical market led message to thousands of attendees? GlobalMeet is by your side and at your service.

Want an extra set of hands for your VIP events? If you’re hosting an educational lunch and learn or a more buttoned-up conference, our professionally managed services team can be an extension of your in-house team to pull off an incredible event.

From private financials to sensitive legal information, it’s important in the professional services world to keep your client’s information secure. Enterprise-level security gives you and your client full confidence that information that needs to stay private is kept private. Impress partners with your commitment to privacy with features like gated access, password protection, and login authentication.

Professional Services and Consulting Firms

In your fast-paced, relationship-driven industry, GlobalMeet supports your important communications in the right place at the right time with scalable, flexible technology that delivers a better experience to all your stakeholders.

GlobalMeet for Professional Services: Consulting, Accounting, Marketing and Advertising, Legal, and More

Live, on-demand, virtual or hybrid events

Build an events strategy that works for your goals with the highest-quality, most innovative webcasting solution.

With dozens of integrations and an open API solution, connect your must-have, favorite analytics, customer management, and marketing automation tools.

Get set up immediately and broadcast clearly and effectively with picture-perfect video and “music to your ears” audio.

Nurture inbound leads, generate interest, and shorten the buying cycle with a strategic customer journey. Utilize all the tools in your back pocket with personalized training, on-demand webcasts, and seamless onboarding experiences. Use audience participation and engagement analytics to track what’s working and what’s not to quickly iterate your process.

For small teams to corporate giants, don’t lose the human element of communication. With superior webcasting technology, embrace online communication and build awareness, launch new services, train and educate clients, and create a world-renowned brand that delivers on your unique mission.

Deliver true value to clients and keep them engaged before their contract even comes up for renewal. Consistent communication, trusted expertise, and a secure experience makes you truly sticky to customers.

A customized, branded experience, even down to the tiniest details, separates the “good” brands from the “great.” Stay true to your brand’s uniqueness with customizable fonts, logos, and colors, and enhance your unique tone of voice with engaging content. Blend high-level and granular analytics to tell the true story of successful virtual events.

Virtual Event Planning Guide and Checklist from GlobalMeet

With over 20 years experience powering virtual events, we offer our insights on each part of the process of hosting a successful virtual event.

Create a Consistent, Repeatable Professional Services Marketing Strategy

Teach through immersive communication

Sharing the latest research and best practices and providing high-quality training and detailed status updates cements your relationship. Use a blend of live and on-demand content that shares both high-level overviews and hyper granular information. Whether you need to broadcast live on a developing market condition or want to build out drip content as you onboard clients, GlobalMeet lets you customize your marketing strategy.

Professional services aren’t all about the sale. Cement your leadership and authority in your field by providing expert takes, best practices, new research, and more with educational content. Use this as a mechanism to attract inbound leads, nurture client relationships, and build a library of on-demand content you can repurpose.

Ditch the one-off, generic webcast or random blog post that you’re hoping attracts clients and prospects alike. Maintain a consistent drumbeat of communication that all your audiences can trust and rely on. Reassure them that you’re going to show up again and again with the best thought leadership content tailored to their industry and interest. Speak directly to their unique challenges and pain points.

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling for new consulting clients, use a webcasting tool you and your clients can depend on. GlobalMeet facilitates a high-quality, seamless experience for presenters and attendees alike.

Build a Unique Strategy of Virtual and Hybrid Professional Services Events


Settings within GlobalMeet when enabled can work to assist an organization in their lengthy and arduous regulation journey to become GDPR compliant. These settings won’t make you GDPR compliant (you know GDPR is no easy lift) but can certainly lend a helping hand in the process.

Build your own custom report with metrics you need to know or use our standard analytics reporting, which is still highly detailed and granular. It’s tough to argue for budget money when you aren’t able to report on successes, but with GlobalMeet, you can bring detailed reports to leadership with little effort on your part.

Speaker transitions, polls, surveys, chat, social feed integrations, and more make your online event truly immersive and interactive. Clients, prospects, and strategic partners alike stay engaged throughout your presentation.

GlobalMeet has launched 76,000 events with more than 17 million attendees from around the world while supporting our clients’ 234,000+ presenters per year.

38+ integrations through API, 3rd party, or strategic partnerships make GlobalMeet your answer to a full-funnel events program. We’re always looking for new partners to add tools that make your life easier with robust analytics, integrated CRMs, and marketing and sales automation tools.

Don’t let attendees drop into the black hole of your automated marketing campaigns after a successful event. Capitalize on the excitement by sending the right resources and info right after the event. Gather their contact information during the event and establish a regular cadence with follow-ups and one-on-one meetings afterward.

Don’t just take our word for it. Not only are we trusted by the top professional services firms around the world, but we also use independent third parties to stress test our policies, platforms, and services.

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GlobalMeet for Professional Services

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