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Graphic showcasing the speakers for GlobalMeet's on-demand virtual event: "How to Generate Sizzling Leads with Webinars"

How to Generate Sizzling Leads with Webinars!

June 27th, 2024

Trent Waterhouse, along with special guests Lauren Wickstead and Andrew Denlow, hosted a thought leadership presentation on the effectiveness of webinars in generating leads. They shared their insights on how webinars can deliver highly qualified leads and supercharge your top-of-funnel strategy like no other channel.

Graphic displaying Michele of GlobalMeet and Niklas of Hive speaking on various topics around internal virtual events

The Transformative Power of Well-Run Internal Events

May 8th, 2024

Event industry experts GlobalMeet and Hive Streaming joined forces to explore the overlooked significance of internal events and the crucial balance needed between external and internal initiatives for organizational success. They examined the hidden costs of failed internal events, offered insights on how to avoid events failing, and the importance of proactive crisis communication plans in turning setbacks into success.