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Consumers want to stay informed, and you want to be their go-to for information. To do this, Executive Leadership needs to stay connected to employees, agents, advisors, and investors with important information and changes in processes, practices, and regulations.

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Trusted by Leading Financial Institutions:

  • 50% of the largest US banks choose GlobalMeet as their vendor of choice.
  • 23% of the world’s largest banks have chosen GlobalMeet as their vendor of choice.

Why GlobalMeet for Financial Services:

  • Built to support compliance
  • Enterprise level security to meet the most rigorous security standards
  • Seamless cloud-based reliability
  • High-definition audio and video
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Highly customizable brand experience
  • Hands-on support

Build Trusted Relationships with Powerful Webcasting Technology

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Let us sweat the small stuff

We know there’s no room for error when hosting financial webcasts and meetings with your investors and finance partners, so you need to stay focused on the information you’re sharing rather than fighting against technical issues. Our professionally managed service pairs you with our team of event experts who can help you create flawless polished events.

Whether you’re communicating with employees or walking investors, agents and advisors through a complex financial situation, you need your message to come across clearly and effectively with silky-smooth audio and video.

Financial meetings are often about sharing information– to those who need to know it. Keep prying eyes and ears at bay with our enterprise-level security that delivers ultimate peace of mind whilst supporting compliance. With gated access, password protection and login authentication, only those invited get through the virtual door.

Nurture all meaningful relationships by sharing resourceful, polished content through webcasting. Be the “go-to” expert your clients need when they need it most — without worrying about technology glitches.

From hosting financial webcasts for polished investor relations to real-time client updates, share important messages with GlobalMeet, renowned for mission-critical communications.

Global audiences, different time zones, tens of thousands of attendees, or even different languages? Not a problem. Your mission-critical message can reach your investors, agents, advisors and employees easily either live or on-demand, with interactive audience engagement tools, live event translations and more.

With branded experiences, our customizable platform allows your events to look like you not us. So whether you are a global bank, an insurance advisor, an investor or a financial consulting firm we can ensure that your brand takes center stage.

Financial Services Businesses

How can GlobalMeet deliver results for your fast-paced yet highly regulated industry? We help your financial services organization provide mission critical communications in the right place at the right time.

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Virtual Event Planning Guide and Checklist from GlobalMeet

With over 20 years experience powering virtual events, we offer our insights on each part of the process of hosting a successful virtual event.

Why Altair Advisers Chose GlobalMeet

In a business driven largely by customer referral and where trust is paramount, Altair was able to grow during the pandemic with help from tools like GlobalMeet. Altair hosted a number of virtual events using GlobalMeet to target referral and prospective customers. The firm signed on multiple new clients during the pandemic – without any in-person meetings.

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A New Era of Virtual Events is Here

Increase win rates

Close new business faster with the transformative power of innovative webcasting. Host live events, offer personalized training, and get new leads interested from the moment they enter the (virtual) door. Shorten the sales cycle with detailed audience participation and engagement reports you can give to your business development teams.

Generate awareness, launch innovative products, and educate different audiences through impactful virtual and hybrid events and immersive experiences that guide people to inform, educate, and rally. Stay proactive and timely with mission-critical communications.

Enable advisors and agents to be experts with real-time learning combined with training, engaging content, and access to a highly customizable one-stop-shop conference website that fulfills all their needs. Wrap up successful virtual events with robust analytics and tracking that tell the true story of engagement.

Keep clients informed without individual handholding from your internal teams. Webcasts are ideal for financial thought leadership bringing the best content to your audience.

A Robust Platform for Virtual and Hybrid Financial Services Events

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Our numbers tell a story

GlobalMeet helps customers launch over 76k events, register more than 17 million attendees and welcome 234k presenters per year.

With over 38 integrations (API, 3rd party or through strategic partnerships) GlobalMeet is your one-stop shop for powering a full-funnel events program. We enable you to bring in your favorite analytics, event management tools, and marketing and sales hubs right into GlobalMeet.

More than “just another financial event,” deliver a smooth, high-quality experience for investors, clients, prospects, and strategic partners that drives engagement, revenue, and business growth through polls, surveys, real-time content, social feeds, and more.

Virtual events take time, and time is money. Confidently and accurately report on successes with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Create your own custom reports, too, with different integrations such as Hive Streaming.

Gather attendee information during a virtual event and then seal the deal with one-on-one meetings after the event using a meeting app of your choice. Lead gen 101 at its best.

Settings within GlobalMeet when enabled can work to assist an organization in their lengthy and arduous regulation journey to become GDPR compliant. These settings won’t make you GDPR compliant (you know GDPR is no easy lift) but can certainly lend a helping hand in the process.

The bare minimum is not enough. We aim to meet and exceed security and privacy regulations and use independent parties to stress test our policies, platforms, and services. Enjoy password protection, login authentication, and limited audience access.

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GlobalMeet for Financial Services

We are all set up and ready to deliver your next financial services event.

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