The Trusted Choice for Webcasting by 5 out of 10 Largest US Banks.

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GlobalMeet provides webcasting solutions that inspire & connect audiences.  Plan, manage and execute your business’s most important moments using the most secure and reliable virtual events platform.

Key Features

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Stable & Secure

Confidently host engaging virtual and hybrid gatherings from 50 attendees to large, global events of 100,000+ with GlobalMeet’s webcasting software.

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Speak the Language of Your Attendees

Break down language barriers improving accessibility and inclusivity for your audience.

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VIP Service

Leverage our unrivaled expertise to fully manage or assist with your event ensuring it runs flawlessly.

How to Generate Sizzling Leads with Webinars!

Trent Waterhouse, along with special guests Lauren Wickstead and Andrew Denlow, hosted a thought leadership presentation on the effectiveness of webinars in generating leads. They shared their insights on how webinars can deliver highly qualified leads and supercharge your top-of-funnel strategy like no other channel.

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Watch our demo now and discover how to create engaging communication experiences to inform and convert your employees, investors, customers and partners. It will be time well spent; we promise.

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Trusted and Used by Leading Financial Institutions​

50% of the largest US banks and 23% of the world’s largest banks choose GlobalMeet as their webcast vendor of choice.

Trusted and Used by Fortune 500 Healthcare Companies

50% of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies choose GlobalMeet as their virtual events vendor of choice.

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Trusted and Used by Top Consulting Firms

Trusted by the world’s largest accounting/consulting firms, responsible for auditing over 90% of all Fortune 500 companies.

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GlobalMeet New Renaissance of Communication

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Discover why GlobalMeet is a preferred choice for webcasting.

GlobalMeet Offers Webcasting Solutions, Ensuring that Your Virtual Events are Engaging and Impactful

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Broadcast anywhere

Host webcasts and broadcast quality video to any size audience with GlobalMeet’s unmatched global scalability, reaching your audience with ease​ through our advanced webcasting software

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On-demand viewing

Record webcasts and host them in the cloud with unlimited storage for on-demand viewing​

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Stay on brand

Make your event look like you and not us, fully customizing registration pages, confirmations, reminders, follow-up emails, conference pages, and live or on-demand events​

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HD video streaming

Experience the power of a live webcast with GlobalMeet​

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Powerful reporting & analytics

Measure success post-event through real-time data reporting and analytics provided by our live and on-demand webcast platform

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Speak the language of your attendees

Build an inclusive culture that breaks down language barriers, fosters team building, and improves accessibility and inclusivity with live interpretations or captions during events​

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Enterprise-grade security

Maintain network security with password protection, login authentication and limited audience access​

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Audience engagement

Engage your audience with interactive features including polling, Q&A and social media feeds​

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Supports compliance

Built for stringent compliance regulations assisting organizations in their lengthy and arduous regulation journey to become GDPR compliant​

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Tools & Tips for Virtual Events

In an era where businesses stretch across continents and time zones, staying connected has never been more crucial. Navigating this global landscape requires tools that can…

In the world of business, crises are an unfortunate reality. Despite prior proper planning, they can strike at any time. Statistics reveal that 69% of business leaders have

GlobalMeet is committed to constantly improving our solution and creating features that improve accessibilitytransparency, and inclusivity for different communities. Over 15%


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