Setting the Stage for Better Virtual HR Events

Human Resources is all about good communication. Whether you’re gearing up for the whirlwind of a recruiting event, onboarding a new wave of hires, or scheduling required training for your employees, we want to give you the best platform for being seen and heard—all without that pesky feeling of “what if this goes wrong.”

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Your Solution to HR Communication

GlobalMeet empowers you to design and execute polished virtual HR events with high-definition video and audio. With fewer distractions and more control over your event, you can rest assured that your welcome message, training, or update is clearly conveyed to your audience—no matter where they are located around the globe.

Lead How You Need (Or Let Us Take Care Of It)

GlobalMeet lets you choose how you want to run the show. If you prefer a hands-on approach, our self-serve model may be right for you. With this option, we fully train you and then set you free to run your events exactly how you see them in your creative vision. But don’t worry, our team will be on standby for you if you decide you’d like a helping hand. When it comes to virtual events where you’d rather stay focused on the message itself, our professionally managed service includes a seasoned team of event experts who handle every aspect of your event for a stress-free, seamless experience (you still get all the credit, though).

Stay on Track While Keeping Track

One of the trickiest parts of company-wide training is making sure those who needed to attend actually attended. We make it easy to track attendance and compliance with robust event reporting tools and interactive polls and Q&A to keep your audience engaged. GlobalMeet also allows you to control exactly what your audience sees during a live presentation and when they see it. Whether it’s slides, data tables, videos, or surveys you’re sharing, you can dynamically change the layout of your presentation to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Human Resources Features

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Create engagement

Keep attendees engaged and aligned with interactive polling and managed Q&A

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Offer access from anywhere

Allow participants to connect from any device, anywhere, using a single URL

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Set up quickly

Our platform allows for quick event organization, ideal for crisis communications

Share Securely

HR events often deal with sensitive information specific to your organization and its employees. Keep those who need to know (and only those who need to know) in the know with GlobalMeet enterprise-level security that delivers ultimate peace of mind. With gated access, password protection and login authentication, only those invited get through the virtual door, so you share honest and clear messaging and communications.

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Transparent, Clear, & Accessible

Letting your audience see your message in a crisp, well-produced format lends credence to the information you share. With GlobalMeet high-quality audio and video, you’re practically in the room with your audience, which guarantees that they’ll receive your message loud and clear. And cloud-based recordings of your event are available for attendees to access, so they can later reference the information from your virtual event (just in case they were too dazzled by your magnum opus as it was happening).

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Connect with GlobalMeet

Hosting virtual HR events isn’t always easy. But we’re here to make it easier. Start hosting professional, reliable, and captivating Human Resources calls with GlobalMeet today.

Together, we can create a virtual event that your audience truly looks forward to.