Seamless Events with Industry-Leading Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Imagine a conference experience where you can focus on delivering your message with confidence, leaving the technical complexities to a dedicated professional. GlobalMeet’s Operator Assisted (“OA”) conference calls provides exactly that, ensuring a smooth and successful event. With our OA services, GlobalMeet has your back.

What is an Operator Assisted Call?

Operator Assisted conference calls are monitored and managed by a live operator. These calls offer interactive 2-way audio that is complementary to many webcasting use cases.

Benefits and Features Include:

  • High Capacity, Professionally Run Calls – Our seasoned operators introduce speakers, monitor the entire call, and facilitate live Q&A sessions.
  • Global Availability – Toll-free, local, and international services available in over 45 countries. Attendees can dial in using a passcode or have the conference dial out to them.
  • Security Features – Options to require a PIN for entry or to first complete a web registration to receive dial-in information.
  • Enhanced Engagement – Includes polling and Q&A sessions.
  • Control – Web-based admin console to view and manage your conference.
  • Detailed Reporting – Participant lists, polling statistics, conference transcripts, and usage reporting.
  • Customization – Flat-rate pricing options, click-to-join functionality, transcriptions, recordings, and more.
  • On-Demand Access – Record your conference and download it, make a replay available, or both.
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Operator Assisted Use Cases Included:

  • Town Halls
  • All-hands meetings
  • Board meetings
  • HR/Benefits updates
  • Employee onboarding
  • High-profile executive meetings
  • Formal audio-only briefings
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Deliver Flawless Executed Virtual Events

Professional Operator Assisted Conference Calls Services:

  • Award-winning, highly trained event specialists seamlessly manage events from start to finish.
  • Best-in-class secure and reliable global audio network.
  • Exceptional, consistent service worldwide with centralized scheduling.
  • Partners with GlobalMeet’s webcasting solution.
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Conference Security You Can Trust

Flexible options for secure meetings entry to allow participants to connect easily and securely.

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Click-to-Join Entry

  • Instant, secure, browser-based event access across any device
  • Clean and accurate attendee data and analytics
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Passcode Entry

  • Fast automated passcode entry for large events
  • Automated capture of participant demographic information (optional)
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Greeted Entry

  • Enhances security and your corporate image
  • Live personalized greeting and screening

Minimize Risk with Full-Service Professional Support

Focus solely on your presentation and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • Events tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Full pre-event, live, and post-event management.
  • Outstanding call quality and clarity, free from disruptions.
  • Live operator support and participant verification.
  • Comprehensive reporting and event transcription.
  • Professional-grade recording available for replay.
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Host Spectacular Events with Even Better Outcomes

Your event team coordinates all support tasks including:

  • Event scheduling.
  • Coordinating pre-event rehearsals.
  • Briefing presenters and offering expertise on event flow.
  • Sending invitations and gathering registration data.
  • Assisting with uploading presentations and visuals.
  • Verifying participants with secure entry.
  • Providing live-event support in 8 languages; English, Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian).
  • Connecting attendees via dial-out or sub conferences.
  • Engaging participants with professionally moderated polling and Q&A.
  • Reporting, transcriptions, and recordings.

Your Dedicated Event Specialist Team

A full team of call operators skillfully coordinate the call from behind the scenes.

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Lead Event Specialist

Manages the overall call, a.k.a the event “quarterback”

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Communication Line Operator

Helps prioritize Q&A, verifies participants and performs basic troubleshooting

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Answer Line Operator

Answers incoming lines and place participants into the correct conference

Webcast + Operator Assisted Auxiliary Add On

Operator Assisted calls can be standalone or enhance webcasts, webinars, and virtual events by extending availability to phone-based attendees where we combine webcast streaming with our operator-assisted audio solution.

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Don’t let conference logistics distract you from delivering your message. Take advantage of GlobalMeet’s Operator Assisted conference calls and experience the difference a dedicated professional can make. Schedule a demo with our team today—we’re ready to assist you.