GlobalMeet Webcast for Technology Industry

In a high-growth tech company, time is everything. Build a truly immersive, engaging events program quickly to power engagement across internal teams and external partners and clients and more — from the annual tech summit to upgrade rollouts to monthly Town Halls. Build a full pipeline consistently with scalable technology that drives engagement and sales. Hone in on customer challenges and pain points with detailed engagement insights that fuel your sales talk tracks, collateral, and more.

Why GlobalMeet Webcast for Technology:

  • Compliance driven
  • Enterprise-level security, even for new startups
  • “Always on” cloud-based reliability to help scale
  • Crystal-clear, high-definition audio and video
  • Detailed reporting and engagement analytics
  • Custom-branded experiences
  • 24/7 expert support

Change the World with Powerful Webcasting Technology

Crystal-clear audio and video — No more straining to hear or glitches every few seconds. No matter when or where you’re broadcasting from, deliver your unique message clearly. Your audience will love you for the seamless viewing experience.

Reliable and flexible — In a fast-growth, high-stakes environment, there’s no room for error. Trust that with cloud-based reliability, GlobalMeet Webcast is ready when you are.

Get expert help — Working at a tech company often means wearing many hats, but there are some that just won’t fit. Utilize GlobalMeet Webcast’s expert Managed Services team to help you execute your virtual or hybrid events — no extra late nights needed. From planning and strategy to day-of coordination, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Cultivate strong relationships — With a scalable digital engagement program, nurture any VIP relationship through webcasts, on-demand training content, product education, and industry knowledge.

Scale, scale, scale — High-stakes tech growth is about scale, and there’s no time for tech that restricts you. Broadcast in seconds to different audiences around the world in different time zones and even in different languages. Whether you stream live or on-demand, your audience can tune in when they’re ready. Enjoy an innovative webcast platform that comes heavily equipped with interactive audience engagement tools, live event translations, and more.

Protect proprietary knowledge — From product roadmaps to investor presentations, tech companies often share sensitive information that doesn’t need to reach the public’s (or your competitor’s) ears. Stay secure with enterprise-level security that also keeps you compliant with different geographical regulations. With gated access, password protection, and login authentication, we help ensure that only invited guests are tuning in.

Build more brand — You’ve spent years building a brand that stands out, so why broadcast with another company’s branding? GlobalMeet Webcast allows you to create and design your event with colors, logos, and branding that feels right for you. For new-age startups to established legacy enterprises, let your brand bask in the spotlight.

GlobalMeet Webcast for Technology

Product-Led Experiences — Your product is the core of your business, but traditional product-focused education can feel stale and lackluster. Generate buzz and excitement with customers and prospects alike with engaging product launch content, instructional deep dives, and hands-on strategy sessions. Use virtual events to build hype or on-demand programs for anyone using your platform and products any time of day. Pass the baton to different experts to create dynamic, multi-faceted events.


Highlight Customer Successes — Let your customers brag for you; highlight successful customer experiences and let them use their own words. Use speaker transitions and dynamic viewing experiences to allow them to advocate for you.


Stay Forward-Thinking — Trailblaze in your lane with thoughtful content that shows your expertise. Distribute this valuable content to audiences around the world.

Build Consistent Pipeline and Nurture Leads Keep your pipeline full and your sales reps focused on what they do best — closing. Use GlobalMeet Webcast to continuously nurture and engage with leads with personalized content.


Grow Efficiently, and Repeat Owned, scalable, and repeatable growth is the name of the game. Build a program that consistently leads customers through your unique buyer journey.


Lead with Thought Leadership Establish your brand as the go-to expert with timely, relevant subject matter and expert content. Don’t miss leading the conversation because your webcast technology can’t keep up.


Hit Your Revenue Multiplier 10x, 20x, or 100x — no matter your revenue multiplier, your business is stronger when sales and marketing are in lockstep, supporting each other. Shorten sales cycles and increase win rates by using your favorite marketing automation and CRM tools to seamlessly circulate data and insights, helping you make better business decisions in real time.

Virtual Event Planning Guide and Checklists from GlobalMeet Webcast

With over 20 years experience powering virtual events, we offer our insights on each part of the process of hosting a successful virtual event. 

How GlobalMeet Webcast Helps Organize Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Technology Event


Custom Solutions For You

Build strategic events that includes a variety of different experiences, from client engagement hours to annual sales kickoffs to client roadshows.

Connect the Dots Between Events and Revenue

Ditch your “best guess,” and clearly see how events drive leads, sales, and revenue. Sync GlobalMeet Webcast with your favorite marketing and CRM tools.

Create Events You’re Known For

Build your brand, launch new products, and continuously educate internal and external partners with signature flagship events.


GlobalMeet Webcast for Technology Brands

Our numbers tell a story – GlobalMeet Webcast helps customers launch over 76k events, register more than 17 million attendees and welcome 234k presenters per year.


You Don’t Have to Choose One Virtual, hybrid, or in-person — create a mixed strategy of different kinds of events to suit your unique business needs. Rest assured, you have the best webcasting technology in your back pocket.


Win More, Work Less Generate more interest, leads, sales, and revenue with innovative webcasting that creates immersive experiences at every stage of your business. Broadcast live client events, on-demand product training, and lead-generating educational workshops. Interactive elements help your technology brand and products stand out and use those audience analytics to see what drives interest and engagement.

A One-Stop Shop Integrate your favorite tools with our open API solution. Measure analytics, manage contacts and relationships, and automate your marketing.


Lead the Conversation Establish yourself as a thought leader, speak on current industry events, and host the go-to annual conference for your niche. Communicate with trust, authority, and confidence every time.


Build a Long-Lasting Brand Be the brand that everyone emulates. Combine real-time learning with on-demand training and educational content that helps customers when you’re not there. Build an all-in-one event website that gives them all the tools they need at their fingertips. Use detailed analytics and tracking to create repeatable, successful events to maintain your top-tier status.


Embrace Mass Communication While Staying Personalized — As your tech business scales, you need to reach more people while maintaining a personal connection with your brand. Growth can’t come at the sacrifice of quality, so utilize high-quality webcasting technology to bring the best content to your audience — no matter how many people that is.


GlobalMeet Webcast for Technology

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