Expand Your Reach

When it comes to events like trade shows or conferences, don’t you wish you could be everywhere at once? Especially today, in such a connected world; your products and services could be helping individuals almost anywhere. While we can’t clone you, we can help you reach audiences across the globe to better tell your story.

GlobalMeet® Webcast empowers you with the tools to design branded, virtual conferences (and other virtual events of your liking). Whether you want to reach 50 people or 100,000+, we can help you and your team confidently create online events to promote your company and reach a hundred or more as you would typically on the tradeshow floor. Through our reliable and customizable platform, any virtual event can be tailored to best serve your audience.

Event Planning Your Way

When it comes to virtual events like trade shows or conferences, you can choose between managing it yourself or letting us take care of it for you. If you prefer the full control of a DIY approach, then our selfserve model is best. We take the time to fully train you within GlobalMeet Webcast and then step back for you to orchestrate the event exactly the way you envision. If you reach a crossroads where you want a second opinion, our best-in-class team will always be there to lend a hand. If self serve isn’t the right fit, our fully managed service includes a seasoned team of event experts who handle your entire event for a stress-free, seamless experience. Either way, you’re sure to feel empowered to make it happen.

Rub Virtual Elbows

Any sizable, professional gathering or event is all about the opportunity to network, ask questions and engage. GlobalMeet Webcast is designed to keep your virtual audience dazzled and captivated through a series of interactive features like dynamic layouts, polling, live Q&A, audience chat and social media feeds. That way you can keep all eyes and ears stimulated and intrigued while showcasing how your product or service stands out from the rest. (No actual elbow rubbing will occur… but it’s literally the next best thing.)

Tradeshow Features

Instant Access

Allow participants to connect from any device, anywhere, using a single URL.

Speaker Flexibility

Bring hosts and presenters into the event no matter where they are in the world.

High Quality Video

Flexible HD video streaming with zero network bandwidth interruption.

Your Brand in it Best Light

They say the difference is found in the details and we couldn’t agree more. GlobalMeet Webcast enables you to dynamically customize registration pages, graphics and more to showcase your unique brand, not ours. Why? Because your virtual events are simply not about us– they’re about your brand making a connection to your audience. From beginning to end, we are there to help ensure you are putting your best foot forward.

Pursue the Lead

Now we know what you really want: lead generation. That’s why GlobalMeet Webcast tracks engagement, behavior analytics and demographics to generate insights from the minds and hearts of your attendees (you’ll feel like a mindreader). Once the virtual event wraps, you can immerse yourself into rich reporting to better convert leads and keep your pipeline full. And don’t worry, many CRMs integrate seamlessly, so your data is right where you need it.

GlobalMeet Webinar Detailed Reporting

Connect with GlobalMeet

Feel like you’re missing out on opportunities to generate leads? Start connecting with potential customers today with GlobalMeet Webcast to unlock new and better ways to nurture your audience and make business happen.

Together, we can create a virtual event that your audience truly looks forward to.

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