Run Your Next Virtual Town Hall Event Using GlobalMeet

You’ve prepared all week: the topics have been curated, the agenda perfected, and the speakers prepped. Now your corporate Town Hall meeting just needs to go off without a hitch… but will it? If thoughts of virtual event glitches keep you up at night, we’re here to help. Our goal is to ensure that your virtual town hall meeting, powered by our state-of-the-art virtual town hall software, runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impact (feel free to take a deep breath now).

Your Solution for Internal Communications

GlobalMeet’s virtual town hall software provides advanced features and tools to enhance your virtual town hall experience. Whether you have 50 participants or 100,000+, GlobalMeet is designed to help you confidently create captivating online events where everyone is invited. Through our reliable and customizable portal, a virtual Town Hall can be tailored to your company’s brand to help employees feel cozy and right at home. With GlobalMeet, organizing and hosting a virtual town hall meeting has never been easier.

Have it Your Way

When it comes to managing a virtual Town Hall, you can choose between managing it yourself or letting us take care of it for you. If DIY is your style, then our self-serve model, powered by our user-friendly virtual town hall software, is the right fit. We take the time to fully train you within the portal and then give you the keys to create the event you envision. If you need support down the road, our best-in-class team still has your back even when you’re managing it yourself. For the less DIY savvy, our professionally managed service includes a seasoned team of event experts who handle your entire event for a stress-free, seamless experience. That way, you can put your feet up and enjoy yourself.

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Share the Spotlight

In a virtual event, not everyone wants to be on camera (and that’s okay by us), however, our stage is big enough to accommodate multiple presenters to have their time in the spotlight. GlobalMeet makes that easy by allowing up to 20 presenters to seamlessly webcast to employees no matter where they are located around the globe, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive virtual town hall meeting for your diverse audience. From there, each speaker can take turns sharing their vision and updates, so everyone leaves with an afterglow of knowledge and empowerment. GlobalMeet’s virtual town hall software ensures seamless collaboration and engagement among presenters and participants.

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Virtual Town Hall Features

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Event insights

See employee engagement with comprehensive reporting and analytics

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Easy access

Allow employees to connect easily from any device, anywhere, using a single URL

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Speaker flexibility

Bring hosts and presenters into the event no matter where they are in the world

Smile-Worthy Security

Often what’s said in a Town Hall should stay in a Town Hall, and we respect that. That’s why GlobalMeet is designed with enterprise-level security. That means your virtual event is well protected with security measures like password protection, login authentication and limited audience access. It’s just another reason to breathe a sigh of relief.

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Keep Viewers Engaged

Town Hall meetings go hand in hand with questions (and often the same question more than once), so make sure your virtual event is interactive. GlobalMeet has your back again by offering interactive features like polling, Q&As and audience chat to help keep participants feeling both informed and heard at the same time. If an employee misses an event, no worries! Our enhanced portal serves as a one-stop shop for accessing any event, so the right people can stay in the know.

Frequently Asked Questions About Town Halls

What is a virtual town hall meeting?

A virtual town hall meeting is a gathering where employees come together to receive updates from senior leaders and managers about the company’s current status, vision, mission, and goals. It also offers employees the opportunity to ask questions, offer input, and engage with the leadership team.

Virtual town hall meetings offer accessibility, allowing employees, stakeholders, and the public to participate regardless of their location. They facilitate transparent communication, encourage engagement, and save time and resources.

Yes, GlobalMeet’s virtual town hall software is designed to support large-scale broadcasts, ensuring smooth communication and engagement among 100,000+ participants.

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Connect with GlobalMeet

At the heart of your organization are people who want to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Every Town Hall is an opportunity to help others understand your company’s goals, feel heard as an employee and listened to as a leader. Don’t let your next Town Hall fall short.