Webcasting for Education
and Training

The education field is rapidly changing; from certifications to hands-on workshops, create an immersive experience for your organization with GlobalMeet’s enterprise-grade solution. Organize and manage all communication in one spot — from HR benefits updates to mandated certifications. Here’s how GlobalMeet can revolutionize how you learn and teach future generations. Our cutting-edge webcasting platform for education is designed to enhance your learning and teaching experiences.

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Why GlobalMeet's Webcasting Platform for Education:

  • Crystal-clear audio and video
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Secure and reliable cloud network
  • Compliance-ready
  • Detailed analytics and tracking
  • On-brand attendee experience
  • Hands-on support

Generate Higher Engagement for Years to Come

In today’s fast changing educational landscape, webcasting for education has become indispensable. With innovative webcasting technology at your fingertips, create a powerful event strategy for every aspect of your organization and its employees. Drive deeper engagement throughout a lifelong relationship and set your program up for success.

Connect Your Community with Powerful Webcasting Technology

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Superior quality for audio and video

From the first visit to the 10-year reunion, welcome students and alumni with silky-smooth audio and video. Give Executives, HR, and educators the tools to communicate confidently with employees, new hires, partners, clients, and more.

Educational “big moments” are some of the most monumental feats of a person’s career. Capture that unique moment and create connections across diverse groups of people. Utilize innovative webcasting technology to nurture meaningful relationships. Our webcasting for education solutions empowers you to foster inclusivity and resourcefulness.

Some events need a more hands-on approach, and educational teams are notoriously limited when it comes to internal resources and bandwidth. Let our professionally managed services team lend a helping hand to execute your next big event.

Ready when you need it most, GlobalMeet offers cloud-based reliability that you can depend on.

GlobalMeet offers extensive customization that helps you display your brand and deliver your important messages. From new product launches to companywide up-skilling, let your unique identity shine through.

The educational and training world is changing fast, and privacy and security are becoming more critical. Enterprise-level security features like gated access, password protection, and login authentication protect your event from prying eyes.

Thousands of employees or a small group of educators — GlobalMeet scales up and down with audience demand. Also, are your audiences dispersed across time zones and languages? None of that will be a barrier with live or on-demand broadcasting with interactive audience engagement tools like polls and surveys, live event translations, and more.

Your Solution for Any Education Event:

  • Company-Wide Mandated Certifications
  • Fundraising and Donating
  • Continuous Learning for Educators
  • Virtual Conferences and Workshops
  • Research Presentations
  • HR Training and Employee Security Compliance

Highlights of GlobalMeet for Education:

  • Safeguard Communication – Enterprise-level security gives finance, HR and executives the tools to confidently protect your business’s data.
  • Unparalleled Scale and Reach – Growing your business shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality. GlobalMeet’s enterprise-grade solution empowers organizations of any size to remain flexible, adaptable, and agile — no matter how many attendees or where they’re located.
  • A Comprehensive Experience – From remote learning with employee interactivity to security training for educators, GlobalMeet powers diverse and inclusive learning experiences across the entire educational lifecycle.
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GlobalMeet for Continuing Education

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Broadcast virtual or hybrid events

Secure, innovative webcasting no matter your events model.

With no room for glitches, broadcast in unparalleled quality across audio and video alike.

Craft unique workshop and certification events to boost enrollment and engagement. Nurture employees and promote continuous learning for your organization with live, personalized training. Audience engagement analytics tell you what you need to know about your content and student journey.

Move decision-driving data freely and fluidly across your favorite tools with our open API solutions.

Educating is more than just handing out a white paper; engage with your employees with a variety of diverse events and engaging content. Seamless speaker transitions, Q+A, polling, and more creative interactive experiences.

For your annual professional development week or premier training conference, keep your brand top of mind through a customized mini conference website. Blend real-time learning with engaging on-demand content that they can refer to again and again.

Virtual Event Planning Guide and Checklist from GlobalMeet

With over 20 years experience powering virtual events, we offer our insights on each part of the process of hosting a successful virtual event.

Superior End-to-End Events for Higher Education

Hybrid or virtual events strategy

Whether you’re virtual, face-to-face, or mixing it up with a hybrid event, seamlessly engage attendees for e-learning in the virtual classroom.

Create end-to-end events without a single line of code. Events made simple.

Extensive customizations from registration to the live event to post-event follow-ups creating a cohesive, branded experience that enhances your organization’s identity.

Connect your CRM, marketing tools, data analytics platforms, and more to make GlobalMeet your central hub for all events. Sync and seamlessly share data, ensuring all parties have the most updated information.

An All-in-One Platform for Continuing Education Events


Settings within GlobalMeet when enabled can work to assist an organization in their lengthy and arduous regulation journey to become GDPR compliant. These settings won’t make you GDPR compliant (you know GDPR is no easy lift) but can certainly lend a helping hand in the process.

Different integrations, such as Hive Streaming or your favorite analytics tool, blend together to tell the full story of engagement.

Securely gather important attendee contact info to fill your CRM, build email nurture sequences, and communicate with attendees after the event.

We’ve helped thousands of brands launch and host over 76,000 events around the world. We’ve helped register more than 17 million attendees and facilitated engaging content from 234,000 presenters per year.

When it comes to security, it’s not enough to meet our own expectations. We use independent third parties to thoroughly stress test our policies, platforms, and services, ensuring it meets the most stringent standards.

With an open API solution, connect your own favorite tools or use one of our 38+ pre-built integrations (API, 3rd party, or through strategic partnerships) to create a full-funnel event program.

Enjoy polls, surveys, real-time content, social feeds, and more — and your attendees will enjoy it, too.

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GlobalMeet for Education

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