Speak the Language of Your Customers, Investors and Employees

GlobalMeet Webcast builds an inclusive culture that breaks down language barriers, fosters team building, and improves accessibility and inclusivity with live interpretations or captions during events. 

GlobalMeet Webcast Helps You:

  • Bolster equality among diverse groups by improving content accessibility 
  • Build an inclusive, open culture 
  • Amplify your message 
  • Foster improved understanding and comprehension 
  • Maximize business opportunities 
  • Increase retention and engagement 
  • Boost mental focus 

Speak the Language of Your Partners, Customers and Investors

Whether you’re a global organization collaborating with partners, investors, and customers across multiple languages or an enterprise business with hundreds of employees around the globe, language captions, and live interpreters help create accessible, open environments.

By removing language barriers and increasing transparency, audiences around the world can understand and digest any type of communication. Research shows that when viewers can’t understand or hear a speaker, they quickly zone out and consider the information less credible. This directly impacts your business revenue and reduces the effectiveness of your virtual events strategy. GlobalMeet Webcast’s innovative technology unlocks one of the most significant hurdles to global communication. 

Content Captioning Promotes Accessibility

With more than 7,100+ languages spoken around the world, the next generation of content revolves around audiences feeling comfortable and engaged in their native tongue. As content is more accessible, viewers can stream on-demand or live on their own schedule in their own way. Also, as people are increasingly on-the-go, 60% of videos are viewed on mobile phones — often without the sound on! Also, nearly 1 in 20 Americans have some type of hearing impairment. Embracing content captioning and paying close attention to content accessibility not only promotes an inclusive environment but helps get the most out of your content. 

As 91% of viewers watch everyday videos with captions turned on, content captioning helps encourage engagement, increase comprehension, and extend viewing times. Whether you’re streaming an event in another language or tuning into a live stream from an overseas brand, captioning offers your business the unique opportunity to stand out and increase your reach. 

Why Go with Professional Human Captioning with GlobalMeet Webcast?


  • Multiple languages to choose from 
  • Robust user experience and increased transparency and accessibility 
  • Increased accuracy as captions are done by a real human 

Why Go with Automated Replay Captioning with GlobalMeet Webcast?


  • More cost efficient as conducted by a computer program
  • Admins can edit the captions to increase accuracy

Increased Benefits of Captions


GlobalMeet Webcast offers auto-generated captioning and human captioning, which both encourage accessibility around the world. Captions and in-event transcripts create clear, easy-to-understand financial presentations for investors, seamless onboarding training for new employees, engaging sales kickoffs for global sales teams, and more. 

Both human and automated captioning offer valuable accessibility options for your virtual event, but they can also bring so much more. One of our event captioning options can make webcasts searchable providing text transcripts for you to use on blog posts, website pages, emails, and more. This captioning option can also make your webcasts more action-oriented, efficient, and productive, as viewers can quickly find information and specific topics during and after the event. When key points are easily discoverable, your VIP information can be hammered home. 

Benefits of Our Caption Derived Transcripts Option

  • Improves viewer comprehension and increases viewing times 
  • Quick keyword searching 
  • Reduces viewers’ need to watch a long-form event again to find key information
  • Increases accessibility to all audiences and languages 
  • Offers easily accessible text versions of event information 
  • Supports compliance  
  • Easy reference before, during, and after the event   

Live Human Interpretation Helps You Speak the Language of Your Customers, Investors, and Employees

GlobalMeet Webcast offers the potential to reach global and multilingual audiences while addressing inclusion and accessibility needs for virtual or hybrid events. People want to hear and absorb information in their own language, and to increase your business’ reach across new markets and diverse regions, human interpretation makes viewers feel comfortable, engaged, and understood. You don’t want to manually re-do your virtual events every time you want to embrace a new language, so live interpretations offer a scalable solution. 

With live interpretation, GlobalMeet Webcast is helping clients deliver events that speak to customers, investors, and employees with up to 200+ spoken and sign languages to choose from. Read more here.

  • Broaden your global reach
  • Understand and be understood in your language
  • Supports accessibility and inclusion
  • Real-time human interpretation
  • Increase engagement 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live Captions is event audio transcribed in real-time and displayed during the event. Replay Captions is event audio transcribed from the event recording and captured in a file uploaded to the event replay. Timestamps in the file ensure that captions sync with event audio.

It can be “human-generated,” where a professional transcriber joins the event and transcribes the event audio in real-time (live) or listens to an event recording and captures text (replay). It can also be automated, where a computer program converts the event audio into written captions using automatic speech recognition (ASR) to turn speech into text.  

Interpretation is when the spoken language is converted in real-time to another spoken language. This is a service provided by a person. Translation is when written text from one language is converted into another written language. This can be done by a computer or a person, with the latter delivering a significantly higher quality result.

The GlobalMeet Webcast team is continuously working to advance our caption capabilities to help make your events even more inclusive. Presently, for automated captions, we can convert the English source language into English captions. For live human and replay captions, there are numerous languages to choose from.

Yes! Captions are available for managed and self-serve events.

Accessibility is a priority for GlobalMeet Webcast and we are currently engaged with a dedicated accessibility firm to do continual analysis of our system, provide guidance on areas where we can improve accessibility and create an updated VPATs each year to indicate our level of conformance with the latest WCAG standards.

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