Investor Communications Platform: Transform Your Investor Outreach

Let’s talk about Investor Relations. Meeting with investors is often a balancing act between facts and finesse, so smoothly orchestrating a virtual meeting can feel like it requires a superhuman mind and an extra set of arms. If your palms get sweaty thinking about your next investor meeting, we want to help you feel at ease.
GlobalMeet® Webcast empowers you to design and execute polished investor calls with silky-smooth, high-definition video and audio. With fewer distractions and more control over your meeting, you can rest assured that your message comes across crystal clear to those listening on the other side.

Let Us Sweat the Small Stuff

We know there’s no room for error when meeting with your investors, so you need to stay focused on the information you’re sharing rather than fighting against technical issues. Our investor communications platform, paired with our fully managed service, teams you up with event experts who can help you create flawless branded experiences for brand compliance, impressive virtual investor relations events and more. Our team manages your entire virtual event for you (almost like having your own dedicated entourage), which means you and your investors can enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience.

Stay on Course

GlobalMeet® Webcast allows you to control exactly what your investors see during a live presentation, so everyone on the call has equal access to the information you’re sharing. Whether it’s slides, speaker headshots, videos or surveys, GlobalMeet® Webcast enables you to dynamically change the layout of your presentation to make sure everyone on the call is on the same page (literally and figuratively).

Investor Communications Platform Features

Create Engagement

Keep investors active and engaged with interactive polling and managed Q&A

Offer Instant Access

Allow participants to connect easily from any device, anywhere, using a single URL

Provide Transcriptions

Automatically provide a transcription of the event for easy recall and accessibility

Securely Speak Your Mind

Investor Relations meetings are all about sharing information– to those who need to know it. Keep prying eyes and ears at bay with GlobalMeet® Webcast’s enterprise-level security that delivers ultimate peace of mind. With gated access, password protection and login authentication, only those invited get through the virtual door.

Wrap Up Now & Sync Up Later

As your virtual event comes to a close, you most likely want to know how it went. GlobalMeet® Webcast includes robust reporting and analytics, so you can glean real insight into your investors’ overall engagement. For those who weren’t able to join, the invitation link you send to attendees doubles as a link to access a recording of the event for cloud-based streaming (no more trying to squeeze a huge video file into an email attachment).

Connect with GlobalMeet

You want to put your best foot forward on your next investor call. We’re here to help you do just that. Transform your virtual events into captivating, reliable and secure experiences with GlobalMeet® Webcast.

Together, we can create a virtual event that your audience truly looks forward to.

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