Why Partner with GlobalMeet

Virtual events and webcasts have become standard communication tools that businesses have integrated into many parts of their operation. Marketers put on thought-leadership webinars to procure new leads, internal communications teams hold engaging all-employee town halls, and investor relations teams use webcasts to regularly communicate with investors.


Webcasting may not be your primary business- but it’s ours. Increase your brand loyalty and create a new revenue stream by bringing the world’s most reliable webcast solution to your customers. 


Our platform has been trusted by the Fortune 500 for over twenty years and today is used by businesses of all sizes.

Partnership Models

GlobalMeet has a flexible channel program that enables partnering in the most effective manner. In general, there are two types of channel partners:

  • Referral Partners – If you have relationships with ideal GlobalMeet customers but don’t have the infrastructure to resell the service, the GlobalMeet Referral Partner program is for you. You identify the prospect and set up an introduction. GlobalMeet works through the sales process. When we close the business, you get a referral bonus (and likely a thank you from the person you referred to us).
  • Resellers – Would webcasting or virtual events make a great addition to your product offering? The GlobalMeet Reseller Program lets you leverage our platform to bring your own, self-branded offering to market. We enable you with the technology and training to sell, implement, bill, and support your own webcast service.
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Common Use Cases of Webcasting and Virtual Event Solutions Include:

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Activities such as thought leadership and brand-building webinars

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Virtual or hybrid conferences

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Including annual general meetings and quarterly IR meetings

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Critical internal communications such as Town Hall meetings and HR communications

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Consisting of professional certification product training programs

What Kind of Businesses Use GlobalMeet?

When the message matters and there is no margin for error, businesses turn to GlobalMeet. GlobalMeet can be used by businesses of any size and in any industry. The following industries often have use cases that are an ideal fit for GlobalMeet’s services:

  • Financial Services including investment banks, commercial banks, and advisory firms
  • Professional Services such as consulting firms, law firms, and marketing agencies
  • Life Sciences consisting of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Technology companies from high-growth startups to established tech brands
  • Education & Training including continuing education providers for medical and other professional disciplines
  • Publishing companies such as industry-focused boutique publishers
  • Energy providers consisting of oil and gas companies
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Types of GlobalMeet Channel Partners

Consultants and integration partners

Putting on engaging online events that solve real-world business problems is no small task and businesses often enlist the help of outside firms. These firms must be trusted advisors that recommend the best technology to their clients. With its feature rich platform and proven track record of enabling reliable and secure events, GlobalMeet is an ideal partner for corporate event and meeting planners, technology selection firms, and demand generation consultants.

When implemented well, webcast technology becomes part of a marketing or communications ecosystem within an organization. The GlobalMeet platform has an open API allowing for many types of technology integrations. Providers with technology that is integrated with GlobalMeet can become natural selling partners as well. Common technology integrations include CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, and streaming optimization services.

Virtual events and webcasts are often part of a larger tech stack initiative within a business. These initiatives include complementary services such as in-person event technology and all types of marketing technology platforms. By cross-selling GlobalMeet solutions to their customer base, providers of these solutions can create new revenue streams and increase customer stickiness.

Certain types of companies, such as pharmaceutical firms, financial services providers and consulting businesses are heavy users of virtual event and webcasting services. Providers of other products and services to companies in such industries have a lucrative position to uncover opportunities for other products and services.

The GlobalMeet platform is fully customizable, enabling other providers to leverage GlobalMeet’s software and sell a webcasting solution under their own brand. Often these providers will have an adjacent solution, integrated technology, or a customer base that has a need for virtual events, webcasting services, and webinar services.  

Become a GlobalMeet Channel Partner

Contact a GlobalMeet Channel Manager to learn more.

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