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GlobalMeet began with a simple goal: Empower people and businesses to communicate confidently. Throughout our history, we’ve met the changing communications landscape with versatile technology and real-world expertise.


GlobalMeet is the premium webcasting solution for flawlessly executing polished, versatile communications at scale

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Our webcasting software and services ensure companies have a partner in delivering memorable experiences that bring employees, investors and customers together. GlobalMeet allows you to plan, manage and execute your business’s most important moments. Our event enablement and production teams are located around the world to train, support and service our clients in producing impactful and engaging events.

Experience that Matters

Throughout the years, you’ve known us by many names…GlobalMeet, TalkPoint, iMeetLive. Names change, technologies advance but what has remained constant is our obsession with giving our clients the technology and support needed to communicate easily and effectively. We are- and always have been- event people, setting the stage for high-impact events that are secure, scalable, and reliable.

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The GlobalMeet Leadership Team is a seasoned team of individuals dedicated to inspiring the company’s passionate employees.

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