GlobalMeet Webcast for Life Sciences

GlobalMeet Webcast helps organizations across the healthcare industry communicate to continue the advancement of the quality of life. Our innovative virtual events solution helps generate brand and product awareness, streamline education, and build a unique competitive advantage while bringing products to market faster with a higher ROI.

Revolutionizing The Long-Term Outlook of Healthcare

  • 50% of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies choose GlobalMeet Webcast as their vendor of choice.
  • GlobalMeet Webcast helps your healthcare organization bring life-changing information to people around the world.

Why GlobalMeet Webcast for Life Sciences:

  • Meet and exceed ever-changing compliance regulations
  • Enterprise-level security to meet the most rigorous security standards
  • Seamless cloud-based reliability for trustworthy communication
  • Silky smooth, high-definition audio and video
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Highly customizable brand experience for increased awareness and reach
  • Hands-on support

Change the Future of Healthcare with Webcasting Technology

Unparalleled quality for audio and video streaming – From launching a new product to continuous education for partners, you want your message to be clear and trustworthy with silky-smooth audio and video.

Stay secure – Life sciences meetings inherently share important information — but only to those who need to know it. Confidentially discuss sensitive patient and business data with enterprise-level security. GlobalMeet Webcast offers gated access, password protection, and login authentication to make sure you’re staying compliant and only admitting approved parties.

Always reliable – You want to start your broadcast with confidence that it will work. Don’t start your virtual or hybrid event worried about what could go wrong. With 99.99% uptime, GlobalMeet Webcast is ready when you are.

Build a brand – Keep your business front and center because you deserve applause for the revolutionary work you’re doing! GlobalMeet Webcast helps build branded experiences unique to your company. For pharmaceutical brands, food processing manufacturers, medical device companies, or cosmetics brands, we want your company to shine, not ours.

Foster collaborative relationships – Seamlessly work alongside all key partners through webcasting without feeling the barrier of location.

Keep laser-focused on the big picture – Your business is bettering the lives of everyday people around the world, and sometimes, there’s no time left to worry about small technical details. Our fully managed service team can step in and provide white glove service from pre-production to post event to help you pull off a flawless event.

Increase your reach – Do you have different audiences across several time zones? Need to adjust for hundreds of sales reps or a small group of medical partners or investors? Not a problem. Reach your audience when you need to with live or on-demand events backed by interactive audience engagement tools, live event interpreter’s, and more.

An Innovative Webcasting Platform Empowering Science, Research, and Development.

GlobalMeet Webcast supports the entire healthcare lifecycle and empowers hybrid teams to collaborate and work together.

  • State-of-the-art security – Meet all regulations like HIPAA to protect sensitive patient information in transit and at rest.
  • Scale as you need – GlobalMeet Webcast’s infrastructure is built to power high-quality audio and video to 70k + attendees. Scale your audience up and down as needed.
  • Communicate how you want – From medical conferences to manufacturing events, GlobalMeet Webcast helps power any kind of virtual communication you need.

GlobalMeet Webcast for Life Sciences

Run both virtual and hybrid events – Remote, in-person, or the best of both worlds. No matter your choice, enjoy high-quality, secure webcasting for any event.


Fulfill your mission – Whether it’s bringing new products to market, improving on a prototype, or selling a better version to vendors, fulfill your brand’s mission and vision with the transformative power of innovative webcasting.


Keep your brand top of mind – Enable providers and partners to be your biggest advocate. Educate them with real-time learning combined with training, engaging content, and access to a highly customizable one-stop-shop conference website that fulfills all their needs. To top it off, report to your own leadership with real-time analytics and tracking that tells you how your event strategy is working.

Crystal-clear audio and video – Never be burdened by technology glitches again. Convey authority, trust, and confidence with the highest quality video and audio to suit all of your webcasting needs.


Multiple integrations – Make your next event even better with your favorite analytic, management, and marketing automation tools. Our open API solution allows you to use the tools that help you do your best work. 


Engage and empower all key audiences – Generate awareness, launch innovative products, and educate different audiences through impactful virtual and hybrid events and immersive experiences. Stay top-of-mind with continuous education, on-demand learning, and broadcasts that empower your partners and keep patient care top of mind.

Grow your business – Keep everyone informed without making it a manual, one-to-one process led by your internal teams. Embrace one-to-many communication by distributing information at scale to your audience around the globe, in different time zones, and even in different languages.

Virtual Event Planning Guide and Checklists from GlobalMeet Webcast

With over 20 years experience powering virtual events, we offer our insights on each part of the process of hosting a successful virtual event. 

Build a Comprehensive Life Sciences Marketing Strategy

Stronger Communication

With GlobalMeet Webcast, build an immersive, omnichannel experience for partners and key leaders in your industry. Build long-lasting relationships by creating and cultivating the high-quality experience healthcare professionals and distributors expect.

Go-to-Market Boldly

Rapidly distribute your messages at scale while respecting industry compliance regulations. Launch your product with confidence with innovative virtual events that generate broad awareness while streamlining your follow-up education.

Polish Your Continuous Education

Once isn’t enough. Keep your products top-of-mind to all key stakeholders with continuous product education. GlobalMeet Webcast allows you to produce high-quality virtual events on your schedule to train, share information, distribute resources, and educate all relevant teams around the world.


A Revolutionary Platform for Virtual and Hybrid Life Sciences Events

GlobalMeet Webcast knows what it takes to make your life science event a success.

GDPR – Settings within GlobalMeet Webcast when enabled can work to assist an organization in their lengthy and arduous regulation journey to become GDPR compliant. These settings won’t make you GDPR compliant (you know GDPR is no easy lift) but can certainly lend a helping hand in the process.

Fully integrated – 38+ integrations (API, 3rd party, or through strategic partnerships) means we’re your one-stop shop for powering a full-funnel life science events program. From an intimate, small group setting to a stage with bright lights (virtual or mainstage), you can use all your business’ favorite tools right into GlobalMeet Webcast.

Custom reporting – Report on your unique story by creating custom reports with different integrations, such as Hive Streaming.


We’ve done it before – GlobalMeet Webcast helps customers launch over 76,000 events with more than 17 million attendees and 234,000 presenters per year. We’re confident we can support your life science event.

Industry-exceeding security – Security is our number one priority. We use independent third parties to rigorously stress test our policies, platforms, and services. For one of the most highly regulated industries, we offer password protection, login authentication, and limited audience access to ensure your information remains private.


Interactive engagement – Kick one-dimensional video streaming to the curb and embrace an immersive, interactive experience. It starts with silky-smooth audio and video that makes attendees forget they’re watching a screen, and it ends with attendees feeling involved and included with polls, surveys, real-time content, social feeds, and more.


Efficient follow-ups – Meetings are more than one and done. Proactive, timely follow-up communication seals the deal, and GlobalMeet Webcast helps you get important attendee information upfront. Follow up with attendees with one-on-one meetings, email nurtures, reference materials, and more.

GlobalMeet Webcast for Life Sciences

We are all set up and ready to deliver your next life sciences event.

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