Kim Niederman

Kim Niederman


Introducing Kim, our CEO, who has a stellar track record in both high-tech giants and nimble start-ups. With an impressive career spanning over three decades in public and private technology companies, he’s a seasoned leader who’s conquered diverse executive roles, building revenues from start-ups to $3B run rates. 


His journey to GlobalMeet is nothing short of extraordinary. As a change agent and growth accelerator, Kim shaped product and go-to-market strategies, building world-class companies as CEO, President, or a Senior Executive at big names like 8×8 (NASDAQ: EGHT), Lifesize, Polycom (NASDAQ: POLY), Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), and FORE Systems (NASDAQ: FORE). Now, he’s here to elevate GlobalMeet’s already impressive offerings by bringing innovative applications of AI and other emerging technologies into the mix. 


As a Board member and advisor to Silicon Valley start-ups, he blends entrepreneurial resourcefulness with interpersonal skills. His management style strikes the perfect balance between leadership and management, extreme customer focus, and the art of inspiring employee motivation, all geared towards customer success. 


Kim graduated from Director’s Consortium, a course in Corporate Governance for Board members of public companies at University of Chicago.  


Kim gets it – those important customer moments demand reliability, scalability, security, and service from a trusted partner like GlobalMeet. With an entrepreneurial zest, he’s dreaming bigger and aiming higher to accelerate GlobalMeet’s tech. Our valued customers and audiences expect more, and Kim is ready to deliver. Get ready to witness GlobalMeet’s best-in-class virtual event technology reaching new heights, seizing phenomenal market opportunities, and entering the next pivotal stage of growth and brand reformation. 


Kim’s no stranger to innovation, with a track record that speaks volumes. With his sage guidance, he’s here to revolutionize the GlobalMeet customer experience, championing change, building and leading worldwide teams and continuing the company’s plan to transition its core products to become more open and interoperable to meet the needs of the hybrid workplace. Kim’s extensive experience running global operations and executing innovative go-to-market strategies of current and new disruptive technologies makes him the perfect match for directing GlobalMeet through a critical moment in the company’s reinvention.  


A Chicago native, Kim lived for 30 years in Silicon Valley and now calls Arizona home. Kim’s adventure resume is a canvas of experiences that uniquely equips him for boardroom excellence, from tearing down slopes as a downhill ski racer to riding high as an equestrian. Kim and his wife, Dona, are also real-life treasure hunters—avid mineral collectors who’ve explored mines worldwide in pursuit of rare specimens. Just imagine Indiana Jones on a quest for the Sankara stones! 


So, what does the future hold? GlobalMeet continues to grow in size and impact and the Pivotal Group, the company’s private equity sponsor, remains dedicated to finding qualified and passionate leaders to assist in this journey. Kim’s appointment is a testament to that. Kim is a contemporary visionary, who understands the importance of “we” in achieving world-class results. Kim’s passion is building great companies, hand in hand, and earning our customers’ business every single day.