Professional Live Webcasting Solutions

GlobalMeet’s webcast platform is the global standard for live webcasting solutions and video streaming for Enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. The cloud-based SaaS webcast software provides businesses with an easy-to-use, secure and scalable environment to produce high-profile, engaging webcasts for thousands of attendees worldwide.

GlobalMeet's Live Webcasting Solutions Feature:

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Broadcast anywhere

Host live webcasts and broadcast quality video to any size audience with unmatched global scalability

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HD video streaming

Share your message to thousands live and on-demand with live streaming capabilities, ensuring a dynamic and impactful video webcast experience

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Enterprise-grade security

Maintain network security with password protection, login authentication and limited audience access

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On-demand viewing

Record live webcasts and host them in the cloud with unlimited storage for on-demand viewing and efficient video webcasting management

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Powerful reporting & analytics

Measure success post-event with comprehensive, advanced video webcasting services, reporting and analytics

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Audience engagement

Engage your audience with interactive features including polling, Q&A and social media feeds

Deliver Engaging Online Events & Reach a Larger Audience Through Live Webcasting

Investor relations

Provide live updates to investors and stakeholders. Our live webcasting solutions ensure real-time communication with enterprise-grade security, password protection and login authentication.

Host professionally managed virtual trade shows and conferences, generate leads and showcase your product to prospects and customers.

Quickly and easily communicate company updates to hundreds or thousands of employees through our advanced live webcasting services.

Share company updates and encourage audience engagement via live Q&A, polling and social media feeds.

HD video and high-quality audio help you effectively deliver your message to new and up-skilling employees.

Broadcast important HR messages and training sessions to employees world-wide via live, simulated-live or on-demand sessions.

The Importance of Choosing Live Webcasting Solutions Wisely

Selecting the right virtual event webcasting package and approach is imperative, whether you’re an SMB or a Fortune 500 company. But as the magnitude of your business increases, so does the risk associated with running a virtual event. It simply can’t fail—it must be carried out with flawless vitality. You’re too well-known and respected for even the slightest hiccup—the expectations surpass excuses and mistakes. Trust is everything. In one moment, a company can lose the trust of its employees, investors, partners and more. Therefore, the technology must work, and the message must be clear; there can’t be gaps in the plan or the execution. Your live webcasting solution must be the perfect fit.

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But Which Virtual Event Package Best Fits Your Live Webcasting Event?

GlobalMeet offers number of options for businesses and event planners looking to host virtual events, each with its respective degree of support. 

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Unlimited live webcasting with a GlobalMeet’s webcast subscription

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Add a professional event manager to an individual event created using your GlobalMeet webcast subscription. A unique combination of self-service and professionally managed

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Let us handle it all with full-service event management for events of any size that must be flawless

You're In the Right Hands

At GlobalMeet, we pride ourselves on eliminating communication barriers and tailoring virtual events for the ultimate experience, so regardless of the tier you select, you’ll receive the tools, resources and guidance you need to put on an impactful event. We want your experience to be one of those events that attendees just can’t stop talking about. Whether you choose a self-service option or opt for professionally managed events, our live webcasting solutions ensure flawless virtual events and impactful video webcasts that leave a lasting impression.

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Platform Integrations Designed to Enhance Your Live Webcasting Experience

High-Quality, Live Streaming with Hive

Unlock the full potential of your virtual events with GlobalMeet’s cutting-edge webcast software and Hive Streaming for a seamless live webcasting experience.

professional woman considering using GlobalMeet's live webcasting integrations for her virtual event

Seamlessly Integrate with CRM & Marketing Automation

Get a 360° view of your prospects and customers by integrating GlobalMeet’s enterprise-level, live webcasting solutions with your CRM and Marketing Automation platforms; Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and Pardot.

woman siting in front of an oversized laptop showing one of GlobalMeet's live webcasting events

Seamlessly Integrate with Cvent

Unlock the full potential of the Cvent event marketing and management platform while reaching your audience with GlobalMeet. Combine your virtual event and registration data to paint a full picture of the attendee experience from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions About GlobalMeet's Webcast Software

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What is a webcast?

A webcast is a live-streamed or pre-recorded virtual event, which enables companies to share audio and video content to large audiences across the world.

  • webcast is a digital transmission of audio and video content over the internet. Merging the terms “web” and “broadcast,” a webcast is somewhat similar to a traditional television or radio broadcast but accessed via web browsers on devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones.
  • webinar, short for “web seminar,” is an online interactive event where a speaker or multiple speakers present a topic to an audience. Unlike the broadcast nature of webcasts, webinars are more like interactive workshops or lectures conducted over the internet, usually to small numbers and are more informal in nature.

There are many reasons why your company might need to host a webcast, for example:

  • All Hands Company Updates
  • Messages from Executive Leadership to Employees
  • Large Townhalls to a Global Workforce
  • Virtual Tradeshows and Conferences
  • Marketing and Lead Generation Events
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • Onboarding and Training New Employees
  • Disaster/Pandemic Planning
  • Business Continuity

GlobalMeet’s webcasting software allows you to broadcast live events. It can also support one-time Managed events up to 100,000+ viewers – supporting you before, during and after the event. You can also create an On-Demand recording for an unlimited number of viewers. Participants can log-in to view at any time.

Yes. The following Event Support is available:

  • Live Event Managed Assist or Full-Service Event Management are available for in-event support.
  • You can also access help articles, our on-demand training library and videos using our support site at our Webcast Success Center.

Yes, GlobalMeet’s webcasting services provide analytics and reporting tools to track attendee engagement, interaction levels, and other valuable metrics for post-event analysis.

Yes, GlobalMeet’s webcast software often supports integrations with third-party tools such as CRM systems, marketing platforms, and analytics tools, enhancing functionality and data management.

Through the GlobalMeet API integration and Managed Support, all the data collected throughout your presentation is automatically migrated into Salesforce, Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo and other leading CRM and marketing automation software. GlobalMeet also integrates with Cvent’s event marketing and management platform and has a partnership with Hive Streaming.

We offer three service level options for GlobalMeet and they include:

  • Webcast Subscription: GlobalMeet is a self-service, SaaS-based webcast software that allows users to broadcast their audio or video presentation live, simulated-live or on-demand.
  • Professionally Managed Events: Ensure your next virtual event runs flawlessly by making use of our management expertise. Our experienced production management team can handle every element of your presentation including setup, presenter training, testing, player design and on-site video capture – up to 100,000+ participants.
  • Self-Service with Live Event “Assist” Services: We offer a hybrid service level in conjunction with our self-service product. Users will create their own event as per the features listed above with the added benefit of having a webcast production manager to quality check content, assist with guest presenters and run the live broadcast.

To ensure the perfect experience for every webcast, GlobalMeet offers support services to licensed GlobalMeet clients. These services are available on a per event basis at an additional cost. We offer two levels of service with GlobalMeet, which are Standard Assist and Premium Assist.