Virtual & Hybrid Event Streaming

Connect with meeting attendees live and in stereo with GlobalMeet’s live streaming capabilities. Whether you’re hosting a Town Hall, Product Launch, Internal Training or Sales Kick-Off, live streaming with GlobalMeet will take your event to a whole new level.


GlobalMeet live event streaming services are designed to scale. Whether you’re presenting to a few hundred people or 100,000+, its superior live streaming capabilities will elevate all your events. Stream on-demand and simulated-live content too. Reach thousands with GlobalMeet’s live event streaming.

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Why Live Stream?

We live in a time where employees want important updates and key information as soon as it’s available. Give them what they want – live stream all your events for instant information access.


If you’re hosting a company-wide town hall or need to communicate a corporate update, our live event streaming solutions will help you maximize your information output. Our live streaming solutions allow you to effortlessly broadcast your events to a global audience, ensuring everyone gets the information they need at the same time.

Live Conference & Event Streaming Toolkit

Hosting live-streamed conferences and events doesn’t need to be complicated. The GlobalMeet toolkit has all the tools you need for live streaming your next event.

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HD streaming & on-demand viewing

GlobalMeet features HD video and audio live streaming for professional presentations

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World-class enterprise-grade security

When you’re live streaming conferences with sensitive information, take advantage of login authentication and network security

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Audience engagement

Live stream conferences with interactive polling, Q&A, audience chat and social media feeds to increase audience engagement

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Global streaming network

Deliver streaming content, distributing to everyone globally, including mainland China through a local CDN

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Customer support

Our award-winning team have been supporting global clients for 20 years and are on standby to help with all your live streaming needs

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Powerful reporting & analytics

Measure success post-event with comprehensive reporting and analytics

Why Live Streaming is Vital for Enterprises

Employees and customers alike want immediate access to information. GlobalMeet’s live streaming solutions facilitate the delivery of real-time information, fostering stronger connections among employees, customers and corporate partners.

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Why You Should Implement Live Streaming

Video is the future of corporate communication. Communicate with your employees through a live stream conference for more effective communication. Plus, video allows you to be more cost effective and efficient to deliver quality messaging across your organization.

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Why Streaming Through a China CDN is Necessary?

With GlobalMeet’s advanced virtual event streaming services, you can support your audience where they are. With other streaming providers, users in China may have issues accessing content hosted outside of China. With our event streaming services, content is delivered from inside China throughout mainland China distributed through a local CDN. Benefits include:

  • Support large audiences within mainland China including over 30 cities within China.
  • Truly global distribution knocking down barriers for getting content to your audiences everywhere.
  • Ability to host the event in a localized language such as simplified or traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Live Event Streaming

What is a live stream?

A live stream is a real-time, continuous transmission of audio and/or video content over the internet, allowing viewers to watch or listen to an event as it happens.

Live event streaming is important because it enables real-time access to events from anywhere, expanding their reach and accessibility to a global audience. It fosters engagement, interactivity, and participation, making it a valuable tool for disseminating information, fostering connections, and enhancing the impact of events.

GlobalMeet’s live event streaming capabilities are suitable for a range of events, including Town Halls, Product Launches, Internal Trainings, and Sales Kickoffs, allowing you to connect and engage with attendees in real time.