Hybrid event with an onsite AV team streaming an event to remote attendees

Strategic Corporate Communications with Webcasts

Whether you’re hosting a sales and marketing town hall, an executive briefing, investor relation events, or an annual insurance and benefits update, corporate communications is critical in building strong relationships with diverse audiences. However, traditional corporate communication can often feel impersonal and cold and leaves much to be desired. Modern audiences and companies want to create a warm, personal connection with customers and partners, and webcasts are one of the best ways to do that.


Here are a few ways to create more strategic, personalized corporate communications with webcasting technology:

1. Use Dynamic, Engaging Video

One-dimensional technology like emailing or chatting can create misunderstandings due to the lack of body language, tone of voice, inflection, and other verbal communication signals. It can also feel cold and impersonal. GlobalMeet Webcast powers crystal-clear, high-definition audio and video webcasting technology and makes it easy to dynamically switch speaking layouts. As a result, attendees won’t get bored with the same screen over and over again, and their attention can be drawn to a specific message.


2. Maintain a Reliable Connection

Nothing is worse than getting all of your employees and contractors prepped for a meeting or town hall only to have the broadcast fail on you. Attendees will quickly lose interest, even if it’s just a few seconds of delay or lag. Instead, use a reliable webcasting platform that is “always on” and is known for its stability.


3. Ensure Your Webcasting Platform Is User-Friendly

Easily share slides and videos, quickly take audience polls, and answer attendees’ chat questions so they feel listened to and more engaged. A user-friendly webcasting platform encourages teams to share more and reduces the significant amount of friction that people experience when they hop on video.


4. Analyze Robust Data


Data tells the story of how successful your live webcast was. Integrated analytical data and reporting eliminate the guesswork and transparently show you what portions can be optimized for a better response from the audience. You can also analyze on-demand recordings and gather analytics on how those attendees watched and engaged with the presentation. This helps you optimize the time, date, and format of future webcasts to meet the needs of employees better.

Why GlobalMeet Webcast for Corporate Communications?

GlobalMeet Webcast is the solution of choice for many of the Fortune 500 around the globe. Powerful webcasting technology helps your business meet its organizational goals and addresses many of the communication pain points when it comes to communicating with a vast, diverse workforce. Learn more today.