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Enhancing Investor Relations with Webcasts

How do you feel when you think about your business’ investor relations? Stressed or carefree? Chances are that these relationships are sometimes fraught with tensions and often have to navigate tricky scenarios. However, strong investor relationships can provide significant value to your business beyond any monetary investment; from unbeatable business advice and strategy to a strong network, the right technology can help solidify and strengthen investor relationships.


While many earnings calls, investor days, and annual kickoffs have gone virtual, that doesn’t mean sacrificing human connection. Whether you’re excited to report high profits during an earnings call or you’re aiming to be proactive ahead of missed projections, an engaging, professional webcast aims to leave investors with a positive, confident outlook regarding your company.

How to Choose Webcast Technology for Investor Relations

In these high-profile events, you want to rely on a stable, high-quality investor communications platform that is known for powering the high-profile, investor-facing events of Fortune 500 companies. GlobalMeet is the platform of choice when it comes to high-stakes communications thanks to branded events, crystal-clear video and audio, seamless audience engagement tools, and robust analytics and integrations. Here are a few tips for effectively using webcasting technology to improve investor relations.

Create More Dynamic Earnings Calls

While not mandatory for publicly held companies, earnings calls provide an open forum for discussion and communicate transparency and integrity to your partners. With an open earnings call, your business controls the narrative instead of allowing investors to make their own (perhaps incorrect) assumptions. Include an introduction, welcome, a detailed overview, and a Q+A to engage your audience and involve them in the report.


While these are important calls, they’re often long, heavy with data and financials, and can be hard to make interesting. Add in a dynamically changing slide layout where you can refresh and refocus your audience’s attention on data, headshots, graphs, or any other visual, and all of these details make for a more engaging call.

Tighten Up Security

Your investors will thank you when they hit gated access, password protection, and other enterprise-grade security tools built into GlobalMeet. With confidential financial information on the line, you don’t want anyone entering uninvited or risk any numbers slipping out to the public.

Create Access on Demand

Let your partners choose how to attend; creating a virtual or hybrid experience for your investor events increases the reach and allows investors to watch on-demand when it fits their busy schedule. During a live event, you can engage through polls, surveys, and live Q+A sessions, giving you a chance to get to know your audience better and create more personal connections.

Secure More Funding and Strategic Advice for Your Business

When done well, investor days can help companies secure capital, improve optimism and outlook, and even raise stock prices thanks to an increase in investor confidence. A confident tone of voice, polished visuals, strong security, and smooth transitions convey that your business and leadership team knows what they’re doing. Don’t be afraid to leverage GlobalMeet’s expert team for virtual event preparation, moderation, and support, too.

Don’t Leave Investor Relations Events Up to Chance

Increase your company’s visibility and credibility by proactively setting your company’s financial narrative in the market. However, we know implementing new technology can feel stressful, but with a proven track record, GlobalMeet is the premier investor communications platform ready to provide professional, engaging virtual events with uncompromised security. Download our brochure and contact our sales team to learn more today.