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Why Financial Institutions Need Webcasting

Financial institutions play important strategic roles with investors, employees, and consumers. As a trusted partner, you want to be their go-to for information during stable, “business as usual” markets as well as through volatile economic times. Whether you’re launching a new service offering to partners or walking a large firm through complex financial procedures, you want to make sure that your message gets across clearly and effectively. For financial institutions seeking to leverage webcasting technology for continuous and secure communication, such as hosting virtual bank conferences, GlobalMeet powers 50% of the largest U.S. banks and 23% of the world’s largest banks as their webcast vendor of choice.

Why Use Webcast Technology Over Traditional Forms of Communication

The absence of non-verbal cues, such as body language, tone of voice, and inflection, in one-dimensional forms of communication like emailing or newsletter updates can often lead to misunderstandings. Furthermore, these methods can feel distant and impersonal, lacking the warmth and human connection typically associated with webcasting. Time zone differences, remote working and geographically dispersed teams are more easily accommodated and accessibility needs are often met better through webcasting.


As one of the most trusted vendors in a person’s life, a financial institution like a bank, credit union or wealth management advisor needs to inspire confidence, transparency, and authenticity in customers. This is easily done with powerful webcasting technology that allows for reaching a global audience in real-time or on demand.

Why Leading Financial Institutions Use GlobalMeet Webcast for Video Communication

For enterprise organizations, GlobalMeet Webcast executes polished, resourceful communications at scale. In the financial sector, this is more important than ever for a multitude of reasons.

1. Financial Organizations Need to Provide Continuous Education

For financial organizations specifically, education plays a huge role in maintaining relationships with investors and clients. Clients look to their financial advisors for reassurance, education, and trending information around stock markets, investments, and more. Leading financial institutions know that maintaining a continuous stream of educational information is key when policy changes occur, markets shift, or new investment opportunities become available.

2. Polished Webcasting Technology Helps Facilitate Trusted Relationships

GlobalMeet Webcast supports the trusted relationships financial organizations need to maintain and ensures that confidence and expertise are portrayed through high-quality video and audio. Nothing makes consumers feel more unsure than hearing garbled speech from their financial partner. Across all financial vendors, GlobalMeet Webcast helps keep employees, analysts, members, agents, and customers educated and engaged.

3. Financial Businesses Need to Scale Their Communication

From a small, local credit union to an insurance giant, communication needs to happen at scale. GlobalMeet Webcast easily accommodates 100k+ attendees across time zones and even in different languages. Communication is easily translated through live human translations or on-demand captioning, so no audience feels unaccommodated and left out.

How to Decide if GlobalMeet Webcast Is the Right Webcast Software for Your Financial Institution

From small teams to corporate giants, GlobalMeet is highly trusted by Fortune 500 companies around the world and is uniquely trusted by the world’s largest accounting/consulting firms, responsible for auditing over 90% of all Fortune 500 companies.


Explore how GlobalMeet’s leading technology can benefit your financial organization, especially for hosting virtual bank conferences.