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How Virtual Events Can Revolutionize Financial Services

Digital transformation has rapidly advanced the financial services industry. From advancements in artificial intelligence that automatically detect unusual transactions to the 30,000 new fintech startups that are revolutionizing finances for consumers. Financial services organizations have the opportunity to deliver the most-cutting edge experiences for consumers globally. For banks, credit unions, financial advisors, insurance companies, and private and venture capital advisors, virtual events and webcasting technology offer the unique opportunity to help increase client retention, stay connected with key partners, and deliver mission-critical communications at the right time.

1. Build Trusted Relationships During Critical Moments

Scale doesn’t mean sacrificing real human connections with clients, partners, vendors, and other strategic advisors. In a relationship-based industry, no business wants to feel cold, impersonal, or distant, especially to valued clients, and nothing feels worse than struggling through a glitchy, hard-to-hear financial presentation. GlobalMeet Webcast is built to support compliance and prioritizes crystal-clear, high-definition audio and video technology, so clients thousands of miles away can feel like they’re sitting right in the room with you. From polished investor relations to real-time client updates, share important messages with GlobalMeet Webcast, renowned for mission-critical communications.


2. Broadcast Sensitive Information Securely

From confidential financial information from startups to bank account numbers of consumers, it can be nerve-wracking to consider virtual events when worried about security and compliance. Financial services organizations protect some of the most confidential information in a business’s or consumer’s life, so security is paramount. GlobalMeet Webcast uniquely offers industry-leading security and compliance, so information is protected, but you’re also meeting localized regulations like GDPR. Tools like gated access, login authentication, and password protection ensure that only invited guests get into your virtual event.


3. Empower and Educate Clients and Partners

A major part of the day-to-day of a financial business revolves around continuous training, market updates, and education. Whether you’re educating your internal team on a new technology or sharing quarterly revenue with strategic partnerships, virtual events allow you to reach thousands of attendees at a time across different languages and locations. Distance and time are no longer barriers when you can broadcast in real-time or on-demand, depending on the situation. Your organization is free to empower and educate partners on their schedule, delivering critical information and learnings at scale.


4. Measure Metrics That Matter

Just like you would for your clients, track and measure the success metrics that matter to you when it comes to virtual events. Numbers matter and robust analytics and reporting tell the true story of engagement. GlobalMeet Webcast has comprehensive analytics tools, but financial services organizations can also build their own reporting with integrations like Hive Streaming. Events take time and money, so make sure you’re ROI-positive on your events strategy.

GlobalMeet Webcast for Leading Financial Services Organizations

Whether you need extra support for a mission-critical event through our Managed Services team or simply need day-to-day help, our expert team is here to help. Industry-leading security, crystal-clear audio and video, and the ability to broadcast the right message at the right time make GlobalMeet Webcast a powerful partner for financial services.

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