Hive Streaming for GlobalMeet® Webcast

Joining forces, GlobalMeet® Webcast and Hive empower companies to reach their entire workforce with optimized video experiences, promoting genuine employee engagement and better internal communications.
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Instant reporting with Hive analytics shows your most important KPI’s giving you a deeper insight into how your live and on-demand virtual events are performing. Take advantage of GlobalMeet® Webcasts Hive Streaming integration by gaining access to additional data and analytics for a deeper understanding of your audience.

That’s not all: Hive’s internal video experience specialists are more than happy to help you turn data metrics into value-based actions.

Video Optimization

When using video for external communication the main goal is to maximise reach and quality. When doing that, you often run the risk of overloading your network. Hive Video Optimization will automatically offload the network using intelligent peer-to-peer algorithms to distribute video more efficiently.

Take advantage of the Hive Streaming integration for GlobalMeet® Webcast to internally scale video distribution within your enterprise.


Ensure every GlobalMeet® Webcast virtual event is a success with pre-stream Silent Testing and real-time performance monitoring.

Gain additional streaming information through GlobalMeet Webcast’s integration with Hive.

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How It Integrates

Users will continue to create, schedule and host their virtual events with GlobalMeet Webcast. The integration leverages GlobalMeet Webcast’s easy-to-use interface to connect to Hive Streaming. The player is embedded within GlobalMeet Webcast and provides the ability to enable viewing or playback of the event or Hive Streaming channel. The live or on-demand video will seamlessly play with the Hive Streaming Agent located on the user’s device.

Administrative users can gain additional insights and reporting through the integration of Hive Video Analytics to GlobalMeet Webcast’s reporting and administrative portal.

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