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The Ins and Outs on the Health Insurance Market for Virtual Events

In 2021, 92% of Americans utilized health insurance through a mix of public and private companies. Health insurance is often a stressful, confusing topic for many, with ongoing public debates on insurance premiums, coverage, co-pays, costs, and more. There was also a time when the general public knew little about different brands in the healthcare and insurance industry; patients had no choice or ability to “shop around” for coverage when it was through their employer.


Health insurance has become a more popular topic, especially with the Affordable Care Act offering patients alternatives outside of employer-sponsored programs. The balance of buying power shifted more towards the consumer, and new metrics like patient satisfaction are the marketing messages of choice. As a result, modern-day healthcare and insurance companies should work to increase brand awareness and trust directly with their consumers. Here are a few ways to stand out in the health insurance market.

First, Establish a Strong Brand Identity

First, a cohesive, strategic visual identity and brand narrative are the foundation of standing out in a competitive market. More than a simple logo and color palette, a brand’s narrative emphasizes why the company exists, along with unique differentiators that beat competitors.


Establishing a strong and cohesive strategy across all marketing channels (website, social media, physician materials, paid ads, white papers, email newsletters, marketing collateral, sales sheets, etc.) helps build trust within your target market. Without confident, polished branding, healthcare and insurance companies will have difficulty establishing themselves as a trusted authority and winning the confidence of consumers.


However, a nice website and confident color palette simply aren’t enough to win today’s digitally savvy, well-educated consumers. Customizable communication alternatives like webcasts, SMS messaging, and more help build personal touches in this digitized world.

Strong Human Resources and Healthcare Improves Employee Retention

While direct-to-consumers is an important market, employer-sponsored healthcare programs make up the majority of healthcare and insurance communications. Healthcare is a strong draw when comparing companies, and many people specifically seek full-time employment for health benefits.


Strong benefits packages are important for workers deciding between jobs, and they also go a long way in improving employee retention. Strong human resource (HR) benefits and perks allow employees to feel valued, but it’s equally important that team members are aware of what they have access to.

Why Use Webcasting for Modern Day Healthcare

Health insurance plans aren’t easy to understand, and static brochures and complicated enrollment procedures exacerbate an already-complex concept. Team members are more likely to understand and comprehend complex payment breakdowns when they’re visually walked through the healthcare guide and can ask live questions and receive detailed verbal answers from their HR manager or the insurance representative.


Whether you’re educating employees during open enrollment or trying to reach consumers directly, webcasting allows for effective face-to-face communication. GlobalMeet offers powerful engagement tools for the audience, allowing for chats, polls, surveys, and more. Healthcare and insurance companies can monitor webcasts for questions and reactions, ensuring patients are getting the answers and care they need. Companies can then use these robust analytics to determine how their team members are responding to a new health insurance company, new perks, or simply completing open enrollment.


For healthcare and insurance virtual events, GlobalMeet also:

  • Assists insurance agents with communicating healthcare plans and changes to their clients
  • Allows HR to clearly illustrate insurance benefits to employees along with detailed plan comparisons that help them make the best decision for their family
  • Streamlines open enrollment with increased transparency and communication
  • Allows HR managers to educate, advocate, and answer questions more effectively
  • Increases brand awareness and customer loyalty

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