The GlobalMeet® Webcast with KUDO Experience

Together, GlobalMeet Webcast and KUDO are empowering customers with the most complete enterprise-grade communications solution on the market today. Now with KUDO you can add live, human interpretation to your GlobalMeet Webcast meetings and events ensuring you are speaking the language of your customers, investors and employees.  

Why Go Multilingual with GlobalMeet Webcast?

KUDO’S language services offer the potential to reach global and multilingual audiences while addressing inclusion and accessibility needs for virtual or hybrid events.

  • Broaden your global reach 
  • Understand and be understood in your language
  • Support accessibility and inclusion 
  • Real-time human translation
  • Increase participant engagement

With KUDO, GlobalMeet Webcast is Helping Clients Deliver Events that Speak to Customers, Investors and Employees with up to 200+ Spoken and Sign Languages to Choose from

Features of our GlobalMeet Webcast Integration

  • Supports up to 32 languages per event, with up to 3,000 users per language. 
  • Integrates seamlessly within any GlobalMeet Webcast managed event. 
  • Leverages the power of KUDO’s growing network of 12,000+ interpreters. 
  • Enables sign language through the power of video.  
  • 24/7 access to KUDO’s professional and qualified interpreters. 
  • On-demand interpreter booking for streamlined event logistics. 
  • Multilingual captioning available. 
  • Simultaneous interpretation into 200+ spoken and sign languages. 

Accessing your Language of Choice is Easy and Effortless for Attendees

Joining forces with KUDO, is the fastest, easiest way to create content in language for your live event. Together, GlobalMeet® Webcast and KUDO deliver new ways for enterprises and organizations to engage with their audiences and deliver results. 

With GlobalMeet® Webcast and KUDO, You Can Create Awesome Sounding Virtual Events Boosting What Matters – Audience Engagement to Maximize Your ROI.

Enjoy a consistent technology experience for events of all sizes and types – small events, big events, live events, on-demand events and multi-language events.

Rely on GlobalMeet Webcast’s 20+ years of delivering high profile events.

Going live can be hard when you have to make everything look and sound good and run smoothly. Our event production experts take the weight off so you can focus on bringing your event to life through compelling content.  

KUDO for GlobalMeet Webcast

Take your event content experiences to the next level boosting engagement and impact and sign up today for a demo of GlobalMeet Webcast with Kudo. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Attendees can easily access KUDO’s dropdown language selector within the GlobalMeet Webcast interface for a seamless event experience, empowering them to listen in their preferred language. 

Language translation services are available for managed events or license events with a managed support add-on. 

GlobalMeet Webcast will take care of that for you. Contact us today to learn more.

For complex languages and industry terminology clients can opt to use their own interpreters through KUDO’s platform.

Yes, it can be increased to 5,000 participants per language channel upon request/approval. 

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