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Connect with meeting attendees live and in stereo with GlobalMeet® Webcast’s live streaming capabilities. Extend your reach, broadcast to thousands. Click here to read about how companies and firms are using webcasting for live streaming of events and conferences.

A Robust Platform for Webcasting and Live Streaming for any Event

With GlobalMeet Webcast, live streaming flawless events are easy, whether you’re hosting a town hall, corporate training, conference, sales webcast or other high-profile events. GlobalMeet Webcast is so much more than just a live streaming solution, you can stream on-demand and simulated-live content too. See how GlobalMeet Webcast can help you deliver better presentations and virtual events.

Live Streaming Toolkit

Hosting live stream conferences and events can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. GlobalMeet Webcast has all the tools you need for live streaming your next event.

HD Video Live Streaming

GlobalMeet Webcast features HD video and audio live streaming for professional presentations.

World-Class Security

When you’re live streaming conferences with sensitive information, take advantage of login authentication and network security.

Audience Engagement

Live stream conferences with interactive polling, Q&A, social media feeds and more to increase audience engagement.

Dynamic Layout

Keep your audience engaged by tailoring the presentation view for the type of content you’re presenting.

Live Streaming Support

Our award-winning support team is on standby to help out with all your live streaming needs.

Cloud Recordings

Stream conferences live and leverage the recordings later for on-demand viewing.

How it Works

GlobalMeet Webcast allows you to create self-service or fully managed events, whether you’re looking to live stream conferences, host simulated-live events or provide on-demand content. Regardless of what you choose, conference live streaming is easy with GlobalMeet Webcast. Simply click create a new event and select live with archive. After providing some event details like date, time, duration and audience size, you’re ready to get started. It’s as simple as that to create your first live streaming event.

Webcasts That Scale

Need to host a live streaming event? GlobalMeet Webcast is your answer to professional webcasts that can accommodate any size event. The intuitive platform was designed to scale for events of all sizes. You can always expect superior live streaming quality regardless of how many people you’re streaming to. Whether you need to present to a few hundred or broadcast to 100,000+ people, we’ve got you covered. Live streaming is easy when you’ve got GlobalMeet’s event solutions in your back pocket.

Why Live Stream Conferences

We live in the age of information, where employees want to know important updates and key information as soon as it’s available. If you’re hosting a company-wide town hall or conference, live stream it to maximize your information output. Give the people what they want and live stream conferences for instant access to information. Live streaming allows you to communicate to employees and individuals around the world at the same time. You don’t need to be in the same room or force individuals to watch a recording. With GlobalMeet Webcast’s live streaming capabilities, you can deliver information anywhere.

Useful Live Streaming Tips

Have Your Talking Points Ready

When you’re streaming live conferences, make sure you know your content. Have your talking points ready so that you don’t make any slip ups when you are live streaming.

Practice Makes Perfect

Planning on live streaming a meeting? Do a practice run to make sure you and your presenters are ready for the presentation. After all, practice makes perfect.

Incorporate Polling

When you’re streaming live conferences, you want your audience to stay with you from start to finish. Make your presentation engaging with interactive polling and Q&A. GlobalMeet Webcast can help.

Review Analytics

After your conference live stream is over, review the analytics to see what went right. By reviewing engagement levels, you can understand what your audience really responded to well.

Frequently Asked Questions About GlobalMeet Collaboration

When you’re ready to setup your virtual event, select live with archive. After providing a few more details about your event, GlobalMeet Webcast will provide presenter and attendee links for your live streaming event.

Yes, you can live stream from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Whether you want to present in the office, at a hotel or in the comfort of your own home, GlobalMeet Webcast has you covered.

Our end-to-end Hive integration helps you broadcast video content without impacting your corporate network. The integration connects to Hive Streaming, which enables the embedded player within GlobalMeet Webcast. Attendees can view or playback the event without straining any networks.

Take the Stress out of Live Streaming
with GlobalMeet Webcast

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