Data is now the engine that drives almost every successful marketing strategy and campaign. Recognizing the power of data, marketers today are looking for ways to capture reliable insights that can help drive engagement with customers and prospects.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is transforming every industry, allowing enterprises to enhance performance, improve productivity and gain insights from data.

GlobalMeet, a leader in virtual event technology, announces Kim Niederman will serve as the company’s CEO. GlobalMeet’s event technology makes fully interactive, live events available for audiences numbering over 100,000.

Company kickoff events provide enterprises with an opportunity to align teams on company projects and priorities, lay out the vision for the coming year, and recognize achievements.

GlobalMeet, the fastest-growing, unrivaled leader in virtual event technology used by 5 out of 10 of the largest US banks, all Big Four Consulting Firms, and 50% of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies, announces the appointment of visionary leader Kim Niederman as CEO.

Events, meetings and conferences today are supported by digital event platforms that make it possible for companies to seamlessly connect with people across the globe and deliver more engaging and immersive experiences than ever before.

Ken Roberts is the chief technology officer at GlobalMeet, a scalable, flexible and secure event solution built and backed by event professionals who have extensive experience in facilitating engaging and accessible virtual and hybrid events.

GlobalMeet’s Michele Dobnikar contributes to this article that helps entrepreneurs decide whether their “great idea” resonates with the actual needs and wants of the market.

While audience participation is a critical aspect of any effective and engaging virtual meeting or event, it’s important for event managers to properly vet and prepare guest speakers for panels or live Q&As to protect their event’s integrity and brand image. 

GlobalMeet’s Frank Paterno shares his thoughts on how virtual and in-person events can work together to enhance an organization’s meetings strategy.