With GlobalMeet, enterprises can plan, manage, and execute their most important moments using a world-class virtual events platform that transcends security and reliability standards.

GlobalMeet’s President, Michele Dobnikar, is featured as a tech expert redefining the event experience and shares insight into her start in event technology and the tech advancements she’s most excited for. 

GlobalMeet’s Michele Dobnikar deep dives into cyber security as it pertains to virtual events, highlighting how event security becomes a more complicated issue and should be taken into consideration from planning to executing a virtual event.

GlobalMeet introduces groundbreaking artificial intelligence capabilities for its webcasting platform. With AI-powered Live Studio, GlobalMeet revolutionizes virtual interactions, offering dynamic face framing and intelligent layout design for unparalleled meeting experiences.

GlobalMeet’s President, Michele Dobnikar, illustrates key considerations to uplift your next investor meeting to boost engagement and increase value for investors and host companies. 

Frank Paterno, GlobalMeet’s SVP of Marketing, discusses how B2B marketers drive more ROI from their online events. He highlights the most unique online events by B2B tech brands and how marketing teams can create a healthy balance.

GlobalMeet’s President, Michele Dobnikar, deep dives into the key approaches for hosting seamless virtual and hybrid banking conferences and illustrates the networking opportunities, thought leadership, and new business these conferences produce.

On page 33 of this issue, GlobalMeet’s Ken Roberts discusses the future of AI in virtual conferencing, spotlighting the trends GlobalMeet anticipates for 2024, such as more tailored events and a surge in data and information.

BizBash recognizes the appointment of Kim Niederman as CEO of GlobalMeet as a noteworthy industry move, highlighting his top-tier expertise in the tech industry and previous achievements prior to joining GlobalMeet. 

Data is now the engine that drives almost every successful marketing strategy and campaign. Recognizing the power of data, marketers today are looking for ways to capture reliable insights that can help drive engagement with customers and prospects.