Michele Dobnikar

Michele Dobnikar


Introducing Michele, the President of GlobalMeet and the super talented, nurturing and visionary leader of all GlobalMeetans. With an impressive career spanning over three decades in virtual events, she’s a seasoned leader and a trailblazer who’s conquered diverse roles, from revolutionizing global customer care to captaining international expansions in Europe and beyond. Let’s not forget her superpower. She is a strategy mastermind, successfully steering the course of the GlobalMeet product’s success and growth.


Michele’s career journey is the stuff of legends – she’s been everywhere, from an Event Manager, to Chief Integration Officer for acquisitions, to her current role as President! Starting in the 90’s, pre-internet without a computer, her commitment to people, product enhancements, innovative solutions, and mind-blowing service is awe-inspiring!


You won’t believe it, but Michele’s superhero status is certified! Her exceptional accomplishments earned her the prestigious Silver Stevie Award for Woman of the Year and a Bronze Stevie Winner for Female Executive of the Year, a testament to her outstanding global leadership and dedication. When it comes to conquering international waters, Michele’s an absolute champion, as she set up European headquarters, making a $36 million operation thrive across Europe.


Did we mention she’s a total legend in her hometown too? The Colorado Springs Business Journal named her one of their “40 Under 40” Rising Stars! That’s not all – she’s also a past Award of Excellence recipient, impressing everyone with her customer service, leadership, and company spirit!


Michele’s adventurous spirit shines as bright as her smile! She’s all about animals and horseback riding in her home state of Colorado. It’s her ticket to freedom from the boardroom! Out in the great outdoors, she soaks up pure exhilaration, crisp air, and countryside vibes that recharge her mind for whatever comes her way!


With a Bachelor of Science from Missouri State University and a truckload of leadership training and certifications, Michele’s a force to reckon with in the wild world of virtual events!
So here’s to Michele Dobnikar, the driving force behind GlobalMeet’s virtual events success, whose unwavering determination, encouragement, and visionary spirit inspires everyone around her.


Here’s to her incredible journey of excellence, the magic she creates every single day and her passion for making the impossible possible!