Eilish Funk

Event Service Delivery

Introducing Eilish Funk, the mastermind behind event service delivery. With three action-packed decades under her belt, she’s the go-to authority for operational excellence and people-powered success. She is also a process genius with a sound and savvy mind for IT-led service delivery.
Eilish’s DNA is coded with service delivery and analytical brilliance – she’s practically a data whisperer and is highly skilled in customer relationship management and people management. Customer relationships? That’s her forte, accompanied by a symphony of team-building skills that could put an orchestra to shame.
As the maestro leading the Global Service Delivery team for GlobalMeet, she orchestrates harmony in the GlobalMeet universe, ensuring all services hit the right notes. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Computing from Munster Technological University, Ireland, and a treasure trove of expertise, she’s a true conductor keeping everyone in rhythm. 
Hailing from picturesque Ireland, Eilish now lives in Toronto with her family. When she’s not producing service magic, you’ll find her immersed in melody and rhythm expressing her love of music, exploring new corners of the world, and soaking up cultures like a seasoned globetrotter.
But wait, there’s more! Eilish’s journey isn’t just about service and IT prowess; it’s a captivating story of people. Building high-performance dream teams is her superpower; her track record proves it. 
So here’s to Eilish Funk – the architect of flawless event service delivery, the IT virtuoso, the harmonizer of teams and the music-loving globetrotter. Her love of music might not be audible in this picture, but her symphony of service success echoes loud and clear.
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