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How to Attract and Retain Talent with Video

Recruiting and talent acquisition pose significant challenges in today’s highly competitive job market. Surprisingly, a mere 46% of HR professionals in the United States have the necessary readiness to embrace virtual recruiting and hiring processes. Moreover, the ongoing phenomenon known as The Great Resignation has led to a surge in job-hopping, reaching unprecedented levels.


Statistics reveal that roughly three in five workers intend to quit their jobs in 2023. As a result, organizations must prepare to equip themselves with the tools and strategies to engage and interact with candidates effectively through video-based platforms.


Video content has emerged as a crucial tool for HR teams in the financial sector, particularly in dispersed work environments. Its versatility and impact make it an effective talent acquisition tool. Here are three important ways HR teams can harness the power of video content to attract and retain talent:

Improve Onboarding Experience

Joining a remote or hybrid workforce and undergoing onboarding solely through reading extensive volumes of information can be challenging. In the past, in-person onboarding involved various activities such as meet and greets, lunches, face-to-face meetings, and other interactions that fostered a sense of comfort and belonging. However, onboarding processes need to adapt to the virtual environment, with video-based training taking center stage to ensure that new employees do not feel like they are missing out and create a more inclusive and impactful onboarding process that sets the stage for success in the new role.

Maximize Talent Acquisition

To enhance talent acquisition efforts, welcome videos, short company introductions, and glimpses into cultural events can create an immersive experience for candidates. Recruiters can share these videos in advance to generate interest and excitement. For candidates genuinely considering multiple companies, these videos can play a crucial role in communicating the company’s unique selling points, building emotional connections, and ultimately influencing candidates to choose one company over others.

Boost Employee Engagement

After onboarding new hires, providing consistent video content to all employees is incredibly beneficial. This approach ensures a standardized experience for new and existing team members, fostering a sense of connection and unity regardless of physical location. By utilizing remote video production tools, HR teams can enhance employee engagement through dynamic features and, importantly, gain the independence to create such content.

Discover How to Unleash the Power of Video in Financial Services

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