Frank Paterno

Marketing & Customer Success

Meet Frank, officially the soundest GlobalMeetan and marketing and customer success executive extraordinaire! Originally a true-blue New Yorker, he’s now kickin’ it in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. Frank is not just your ordinary marketing and data whiz; he’s officially the coolest boss and most hardworking marketing wizard on planet Earth!
With a whopping 27 years of experience in the communications technology space, and 20 of those years spent rockin’ it in marketing, business development and transformation, Frank knows his stuff like nobody’s business. As the head honcho of Marketing and Customer Success strategy at GlobalMeet, he’s about making things happen and achieving those mind-blowing revenue successes.
Frank’s got a BS in Accounting from the State University of New York at Geneseo, and that’s why he’s a math magician when it comes to marketing. Everything he does is data-driven, and he’s got a knack for translating high-level executive priorities into actionable plans and motivating global teams to achieve desired results. But don’t think he’s all about boardroom talk; this guy’s a hands-on, energetic, and dynamic leader who’s not afraid to dive right into the trenches with the marketing and customer success team to get stuff done.
And hey, when he’s not taking the business world by storm, Frank’s got a couple of passions up his sleeve. He’s a theater enthusiast, a former thespian himself, and a lifelong theater junkie! But that’s not all—his ultimate dream is to travel the world and savor every delicious local cuisine from different cultures, combining his love for travel and his fiery passion for cooking.
Here’s the secret to Frank’s success: he’s not afraid to step outside his comfort zone and try new things, even if he might struggle with them at first. After all, he believes that greatness comes from taking smart risks and being brave enough to face the unknown. And when it comes to marketing, his motto is simple yet powerful: “Everything is possible in marketing if you have enough nerve, stamina and a creative campaign flair.”
So, let’s raise a virtual toast to Frank, the marketing and customer success guru with a heart for adventure and a talent for making things happen. Cheers to smart, clever marketing that delivers epic results!
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