Logging in to Manage Your Meetings

In order to manage a GlobalMeet meeting, you will need to log into your GlobalMeet Administration Portal. From the site, you can start your meetings, manage content and adjust meeting settings as needed. All of the information needed to log into your GlobalMeet Administration Portal is provided to you in your welcome materials. This includes your GlobalMeet Administration Portal URL, a Client ID and a Web Password. Use a Web browser to navigate to your GlobalMeet Administration Portal URL.


GlobalMeet Administration Portal sign-in

Enter your Client ID or email address in the Client ID or Email field, and enter your Web Password in the Password field. You can click the "Remember Me" checkbox if you want the site sign-in page to remember your Client ID or email the next time you access the site.

Click the Login button.

If you have lost your login credentials, use the "I forgot my ID or Password" link or contact your company's administrator.