GlobalMeet’s Michele Dobnikar contributes to this article that helps entrepreneurs decide whether their “great idea” resonates with the actual needs and wants of the market.

While audience participation is a critical aspect of any effective and engaging virtual meeting or event, it’s important for event managers to properly vet and prepare guest speakers for panels or live Q&As to protect their event’s integrity and brand image. 

GlobalMeet’s Frank Paterno shares his thoughts on how virtual and in-person events can work together to enhance an organization’s meetings strategy. 

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Michele Dobnikar, president of GlobalMeet, discusses three key ways of hosting a successful virtual event.

When it comes to hosting and planning a Continuing Education (CE) course, one size does not fit all. Many different production elements can affect the quality and effectiveness of a session. 

GlobalMeet’s CTO chats with Steve Vonder Haar from Intelligent Video Today about the product enhancements in store for the GlobalMeet solution and to discuss the impact that AI will have on video solutions over the long-haul.

Investor meetings can be the single most important event companies produce throughout the year, and expectations start at perfection.